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Video: Air Foamer Sudsing Gun

Fine tune your foam and your fun with the Griot’s Garage Air Foamer Sudsing Gun. Foam equals safety. The added lubricity that foam brings to the party reduces the chances of wash-induced scratches, uses less wash soap, and sets you up for success in all the ensuing steps you’ll be taking. The Sudsing Gun also makes tons more foam than a typical bucket wash.

Powered by your air compressor, the Air Foamer Sudsing Gun features a built-in air regulator and chemical flow valve that gives you total control of the process so you can lay down the perfect amount of suds every time. It includes a 33.8 ounce reservoir and can be filled with any ready-to-use foaming cleaner such as Griot’s Garage car washes, carpet and upholstery cleaners, non-acidic wheel cleaners, Engine Cleaner, Rubber Cleaner, Oil & Grease Cleaner and more! In fact, Griot’s Garage 22 ounce and 35 ounce bottles can be attached directly to the gun. Check out the video below and see how to get the most out of your weekend car care therapy.


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