1959 Toyota FA100 Truck For Sale, $74,995 obo, (Fiji)

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toyota-fa100_thumbnailYou won’t find another one like this! Ultra-rare “Sharma Brothers Edition.” Cheetah-skin dash is well-preserved. Tin can gas cap (may need gasket). Starts right up when pointed downhill and given a good push. Some body filler showing from previous restoration. Minor rust, easily repairable. Won’t last. Located in Fiji.



The truck is real, but the “ad” is, of course, satire. I ran across this rusting hulk in my travels awhile back and thought it would be fun to share. Thanks for playing along! ~richard
Have fun in your garage!

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5 Responses to “1959 Toyota FA100 Truck For Sale, $74,995 obo, (Fiji)”

  1. Ed Dawes Says:

    If old man Le May owned it, and you offered him 74k even, he would tell you to stuff it.


  2. shah Says:

    I’ll give you $200 FJD for it


  3. Vineel Says:

    I will give u $200
    Contact 9503062


  4. patco Says:

    If anyone wants one of these in non rusted condition I can supply for a for good


  5. massey Says:

    rubbish,keep for chicken to lay eggs


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