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2009 Puget Sound Toyota Owners Festival


August 30, the quirky and passionate Toyota crowd came out to Griot’s Garage for the 5th annual Puget Sound Toyota Owners Festival hosted by PSTOC. Over 150 cars swung by, representing everything in the Toyota family! The event was also a Toys for Tots fundraiser that filled the entire bed of a pickup with new toys for less fortunate kids.


The pumpkin Starlet is not only ledgendary, it's an icon!


Mark III Supra, dressed to the nines and licensed to kill on and off the track!


Chef Gabi Wilson came out to take care of all the hungry spectators and keep the hard working PSTOC crew happy.


MC (and InMyGarage writer) Dustin Wilson has some fun with game contestants in the hot tub!


Ultra-rare and concours-clean Chinook camper.


Rare FJ-45 drove all the way from British Columbia to hang out in the sun.


A pair of j-tin Corollas were well loved examples of classic Japanese styling.

toyota-owners-festival_2009_08's ST165 Celica All-Trac proves Toyota cars can play in the dirt too!


1, 2, 3, 4 gerbils and a really big intake… huh, so that's how Scion's get such good gas mileage.


Not pictured, the equally long line of quivering cars and rocks about to get crawled over!


If cars could talk, this vintage Corolla would be snarling and growling as it chews up the track.


FEAR Racing was represented by two of their AWESOME Stinger figure 8 cars. They were even using Speed Shine to clean the fear off their bumpers.


MR2 stands for "Midship Runabout 2-seater" and was tested extensively by Dan Gurney before being released to the public.


AE86 Corolla, one of the jewels in the collector's crown. This one was immaculate.


This VIP-styled Aristo was relaxing and laying low for awhile.


Stretched tires, HUGE lip, perfect paint…what more could you ask for?

All photos courtesy of Randy Schell


  1. Awesome Day! Some Really Cool car and Hot Ladies!

  2. It was a Great Day indeed! Weather Cooperated, a large variety of Toyota’s Modern and Vintage. Great Food, Music, Entertainment and Prizes.

  3. Glad to help with some pics! What a great showing! Next year EVER Better, and I am going to bring something sweet!

  4. Sweet! Wish I could have been there! Maybe next year I will fly out if it’s on my birthday again and just as awesome 🙂

  5. Thanks Dustin and everyone at the show. It was quite a diverse and interesting group of machines. Of all the non-Toyota vehicles I really liked the Yamaha TZR250 motorcycle!

  6. It may not be the biggest show, but it has got to be the most unique and fun show around. There is no other place where you’ll see so much variety. Thanks to everyone who continues to participate and make this a success year after year.

    • Not to mention that we raffled off a car for the second year in a row! Got to give a major thanks to all the sponsors that supported this event. Looking forward to what next year may bring. Who knows maybe another car to raffle off. 😉

  7. Also much love to Griot’s for continuing to provide the venue and much more.

  8. Great show, great venders, great people.

    Enough said.

    PS: Should put up pics of Wired girls.

  9. just one word AWESOME!!!!!

  10. I wish I could have been there all the pics look great!

  11. Jennifer says:

    It was a great show! By far the best one I had been to. The weather was great, the people were great. Thanks Griot’s for letting us be there and thanks to all the other vendors who helped along the way. I cannot wait until next year already.

    Thanks for sharing the pictures Dustin!

  12. I love the FJ. Imagine you, six or seven of your closest friends, the Sahara Desert… and a really big cooler.

  13. What a great day it was! Thank you for the invite and the oppertunity to add to the fun of the day.

  14. Love the pictures, thanks for showing off our cars, we love it guys!

  15. Jennifer says:

    Thanks Play N Trade for coming out! It was a treat to have you at the show. Added some new variety and made the event much more fulfilling. I just wish I had extra cash to play along. Hope you come out for next years PSTOF!

  16. The Spyder was the midship runabout, the mk1 and 2 were Mid-engine, Rear drive, 2 seater 😀

  17. Hey! When did Griot’s Garage get a hot tub installed in their parking lot?

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