Video: Hydraulic Press Means A Crushing Loss For These Automotive Items

Destruction, crashing, carnage… gearheads the world over love to see it… hate experiencing it. The Hydraulic Press Channel takes the random nature of the car accident out of the equation and crushes all sorts of items for the ‘shear’ joy of it. See a running two-stroke motor, a piston, and a helmet succumb to 20 tons of max psi.

First off we love the guy’s accent, how he says ‘hydraulic,’ and his enthusiasm. The raspy two stroke engine surprised us in how long it ran as the crankcase was twisted and deformed by the press piston. We’re glad the decided to reposition the wreckage and put the squeeze on the gearbox and how they joked about parts that should be replaced prior to a rebuild. Those who think wearing a helmet means they’re safe on motorcycle should look away as Mr. Watermelon is eased under the piston. Luckily riders don’t tangle with a hydraulic presses on the open road too often. The last victim is a piston and it looks like its shedding potato chips. Love the slo-mo footage. Enjoy the butchery.

Have fun in your garage!


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