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A New Garage! Part 5: Snapshots from the Beehive

Work on the new Griot’s Garage headquarters continues to buzz along, and a recent visit to the site saw Richard Griot beaming like a kid on Christmas. As he excitedly showed us around, stepping over chalk lines and dodging drywallers on stilts, we managed to snap a few photos of the action. Add these to the project scrapbook!

For context, a rough diagram of how the space is divided…

Outside the building…

The South wall shows all new windows and red flashing along the roof.

That wall (and 3 others) will be bisected by pillars like this.

On the West side, one new window was created and the others enlarged.

The Retail Store and Car Care School brickwork has been completed.

These forms will support posts for the covered outdoor entertaining area.

Former loading doors are ready for windows, and bricks are laid (North).

Moving inside…

Windows are installed in the Retail Store.

The view from the Store into the Museum gives a good sense of scale.

Huge, Griot's Red ceiling beams in the Automotive Museum.

You'll learn detailing secrets in the comfortable, dedicated Car Care School!

Call Center cubicles are defined, and skylights now flood the room with light.

Call Center ceiling. Your Customer Service Reps will enjoy a bright space.

This area will be used for shooting product and cover car photos.

A massive new beam was installed in the photo shoot area.

Cubicles to the right, offices to the left, all receiving natural light.

We begged our parents for these things as kids. And it still looks fun!

Many of the ceilings will have these coved areas for lighting. Nice detail!

Miles of data wire so Griot's Garage can grow along with technology.

The clearstories have been opened up in the Indy Cafe.

Lunch break for some workers in the future Creative Office.

Thanks for continuing to follow along with this barn-find build. We appreciate all the feedback and enthusiasm from our customers, and look forward to bringing you updates right through the Grand Opening. Check back soon!


  1. Man, what could be more All-American!
    An ex-Coca-Cola Bottling Plant, which housed history even before that.
    Taking into consideration the required square footage, I really can’t think of a more appropritae structure than this.
    This place will ooze spirit and character.

    Richard, you must be bursting with excitement.
    Heck, I am, and I’m simply a customer!

    I can’t wait to see the completed project.
    I better get busy and use up some product so I have an excuse to stop by!

  2. The new spaces are coming along nicely and this will be a fantastic facility! Our hope is that this becomes the South Sound’s “cars and coffee” spot for enthusiasts. A great excuse to exercise their favorite vehicle, hang out with fellow car and bike nuts, and experience the Griot’s Garage Have fun in your garage mantra.

  3. Looks first class just like the company. Looking forward to the opening day and by the way when is the facility expected to open. Any future plans to hold a car show or two?

    • Thanks for the compliment, Jay! The new Griot’s Garage will be all about car shows! There will be a grass concours area, tons of parking, and even a small covered area for rainy day shows. We can even see this location being a perfect place for regular South Sound “cars and coffee” gatherings. We’ll announce specific events as they become finalized.

  4. Very cool looking new home. I can’t wait to see it in person…….

  5. Dick Greene says:

    Hey Mark-N-Richard…. You are doing very well with that special building. Being an architect (as well as the father of Mark), I feel I have a right to give you a “crit”!
    One other thing… You WILL have an MGTD in the in the Automotive Museum of course… yes?
    Dick Greene (AKA Dad)

    • Thanks Dick… Your son and I are having fun in the garage every day! As far as the MG-Red… Not fun enough… needs more chili powder in it… AKA Griot’s Garage Red!

  6. Thanks Dad!

  7. Bruce Bearer says:

    Richard – Congratulations on your new HQ! It looks amazing. Seems like yesterday I was watching the moving van roll away with the contents of the Carlsbad warehouse!

    Great job on the renovation – I hope to see it some day soon.

    • Thanks Bruce! The ultimate “car guy site” has been a long time time coming. It’s really been a fun and creative process too… Did I tell you about the car coming out of the ground as you enter the building? Stay tuned car fans… major fun on the way!

      • I thought that was, for some reason, a part of an airplane which is shown in the photo near the center of the West side of the building. Is that the car that you are talking about or is it inside?

        I can’t wait to visit!

  8. j.m. scott says:

    when can we all be blessed with a sweet building like that in my town and I could work there and set up at car show’s like the len immke arthritis show in col. OH….. hint… thanks for a great product too, it’s all I use and what I tell other’s…

  9. Gri- Will there be a spot to display the 72 Capri?

  10. Robert King says:

    I have watched that building be empty for many years. You have chosen the perfect location. Living just minutes from the new location, means I will be visiting more often. I am sure the Mustang club is all for that. Can’t wait for the Cop Car Day’s. Congrats, it is beautiful. We are all thankful for you all to make this happen…..!

  11. justin odaniel says:

    The building is looiking great. Lot of changes to the building. Its been fun watching it change as I vist freinds auto shop right next door

  12. Congats on the new place , I work in a mail room now, but was a mechanic for 25yrs, and seen a package with your name Griot’s garage on it , so it caught my eye, Being the Vice President of the Capital Corvette Club in Ottawa Ont. I had to look you up. Never heard of you guys before , since I’m here our club is celabrating our 35th ann. in june this year , and we have GOODY Bags, if you send me your bisness card I can put one in all the goody bags. great job, Ron

  13. Hey Richard! I’m a long time user and a fan of sorts! Congrats on the new place! I gotta say that I do envy you and your garage! So you’ll be giving demos and classes in this facility? And you’ll be detailing costumers’ cars?

    As a side note I’ll hopefully be building my dream house in a couple of years and more importantly my dream GARAGE!! It’ll be fully stocked with Griot’s products and ingenuity! Many of my friends have asked me if I plan on installing a lift. I said, “Probably not. I don’t really turn heavy wrenches, I’m more into paint care!” So that’s just what my garage will be built around! You and your company have really inspired me!

  14. Hi Richard & Mark,

    The new place is looking absolutely over the top, insanely COOL and I can’t wait to see it in person.

    Congratulations on your brand new, ultimate “garage” play pen!!!


  15. I’ve looked and looked on your website and cannot find a street address for your new facility, Richard. What you’ve shown on your website is just spectacular! Living just a few miles south of Tacoma in Lacey and having been a loyal customer for many years, I’d like to stop by and have a look; if I only knew where it will be? Can you send me your new street address?
    THX: Don Melnick

    • Don, the new address is:
      3333 South 38th Street
      Tacoma, WA 98409

      Currently it is still a construction site as they are working around the rainy weather to get the parking area poured. Barring any setbacks, we should be in there within the next couple weeks. If you are on our email list, expect an email announcement with details soon. We look forward to having you come by!

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