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A New Garage! Part 7: Open for Business

We’re ecstatic to announce that the flagship Griot’s Garage Retail Store is open! While we put the finishing touches on the rest of our barn find build (in preparation for the grand opening in June), you’re invited to check out the new store now. You’ll be amazed at the transformation. Just take a look at the before and after photos!

Store exterior, shortly after the build began last fall.

And now... polished, waxed, and ready for the concours!

This Porsche Speedster replica greets visitors at the front door.

Here is the interior area before undergoing a complete Griot-fication.

And after... The flagship Retail Store is a true car guy destination!

When you visit, check out the cool, vintage tractor.

Plus see unique and historic cars in the Automobile Display Area.

Or pull your ride into the new Car Care School for a free detailing lesson.

We hope you’ll visit us soon! Stay tuned for details on the June grand opening event.

Griot’s Garage

3333 South 38th Street

Tacoma, WA 98409

(888) 246-2646.

Store Hours:

Mon – Fri: 9am – 6pm (PST)

Sat: 9am – 4pm (PST)

Sun: Closed

Click here for an interactive map.


  1. the store turned out amazing! I love the product displays, especially those lighted cubes. Got any pics of the Car Care School floor? so glossy!

  2. This is AMAZING!!!! Remember when we first moved to WA??? The company was so much smaller then. I wish we could be there to celebrate the grand opening. All my love to Richard, Mark, Jason, Chad, Donnell & whoever else is around from the “old” days!!! HAVE SOOOO MUCH FUN IN YOUR NEW GARAGE!!!!!

  3. Congratulations on the opening of your new store. You have done an amazing job transforming that plant into your vision. It looks very classy and well merchandised.

    This will surely be one of the ‘must see’ destinations for car guy’s in the Pacific Northwest.

    Cannot wait to visit you soon.

  4. ladyleadfoot says:

    what’s this about “car guys” destination? there are car gals and female motorheads out here, too, you know! how about simply calling it a destination for ANYONE who’s car craaazzzzy?!?

    i would love to have been there, mr. griot, both to see the opening of the store, and to congratulate you on your vision, and your persistence in bringing that vision to completion. after that, i would have shopped ’til i melted my plastic! we have lots of your products in our house and garage, and use them on our cars, trucks, and motorcycles, but there’s always something more that i want.

    i wish you well, and look forward to making it out there some day to visit, all the way from here in western massachusetts. once again, congrats on the new place; enjoy it!

    keep your rubber side down and your smile side up!

  5. I’ll be there next Saturday, can’t wait!

  6. This project was like finding one of those barn find cars. Then, given lots of time and attention she begins to shine. Only this was a ton more work! Come by for a visit!

  7. Burma Shaver says:

    Was there a couple weekends ago and the store is awesome,I was like a fat kid in a cake shop I wanted everything. The staff is super friendly and very helpful ins demonstrating the products for anyone who has never used them before. Richard was there and you could just see and feel the passion this man has for cars.

  8. Wow, what a change while still keeping thecharacter of the building.

    The Grand opening should be worth a road trip over the pass next weekend.

  9. Thom Ritter says:

    Almost 20 years ago, I was a field service mechanic for a local truck dealer. I worked on the Coke trucks at that location quite often.
    It was kind of a dump.

    I can’t wait to come see the new look! Good reason for me to come visit and stock up on my favorite Griot’s supplies…

    My wife’s Prius gets a full detail just about every week. With your products, it’s easy to keep a car looking good from the start.

  10. was there saturday last as a guest with my friend john for the open house.

    what a grand place, everything more than well thought out from the
    decor to the wide parking stalls

    gracious hosts, richard and mark

    congrats to you and your friendly staff

    I’ll be back (with my wife of course)

  11. Congrats to everyone at Griot’s! The shop is AMAZING! Cant wait for the summer happenings there, it is the perfect place for enthusiasts to meet and greet. Thanks for the years of continued excellence in product production that has made my yacht maintenance business a sucess.

  12. If you haven’t seen the new facility you absolutely must stop by for a visit. Every day something new is added. This week they’ll lift a 1957 Speedster on to the top of the store manager’s office! A cool pavilion will be added in the concours field. Who knows what’s next!

  13. Absolutely incredible! Congratulations to the Griots team for such an astounding accomplishment! Will see you at the Grand Opening and many more times after that. Cheryl Wilson/JC Logisticcs

  14. was there saturday last as a guest with my friend john for the open house.

    what a grand place, everything more than well thought out from the
    decor to the wide parking stalls

    gracious hosts, richard and mark

    congrats to you and your friendly staff

    I’ll be back (with my wife of course)

  15. Mike Rupertus says:

    This looks great…really enjoy the catalog…have gone wild with my own garage and neighbors have taken notice, although I didn’t do it for them! I bet every garage looks better with Griot’s..

  16. Can’t wait to stop by the new location! Looks amazing! Thanks for keeping us all informed, love the new TV spots as well!


  17. A dream-garage !!!!!!!! I love the stylish art-deco vibes;
    not only a super place to get your classic serviced , but also a place
    to “contemplate ” about the gods of fuel……………..

    Stef De Wit Belgium / Europe

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