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Growing up racing go-karts, Patrick Bradley learned the thrill of speed at a young age. He also learned that speed comes in many forms, which may explain his love for all styles of racing. Weather it's MotoGP, WRC, V8 Supercars or LeMans... if it's on television, chances are he's trying to watch. Patrick also happens to be the creative type, always looking to add his own flair to anything around him, either through graphic design or painting. So it's no surprise when he tells you he loves art cars and sleepers and that a dream project would be to rattle-can a 318ti and drop an M3 engine in it. When he makes it big, Patrick is going to put a Datsun 510, 190E Cosworth, GMC Typhoon and a Celica All-Trac for kicks.

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What was your most impulsive automotive purchase?

Friday, March 9, 2012


There are a lot of “car things” I don’t discuss with my wife. Not because I’m hiding anything, but to avoid her eyes glazing-over in boredom. I may need to rethink this approach. Turns out, she would have liked to know beforehand that I was trading in our car.

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What’s the best automotive advice you ever received?

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I’ve never really understood the question, “What’s the best advice you’ve ever gotten?” I’m always left wondering, “about what?” Sure, “look both ways before crossing the street” and “don’t take candy from strangers” have worked out pretty well so far, but they don’t really apply in every situation life throws at you.

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That’ll buff right out (no, seriously)…

Friday, August 12, 2011


Generally speaking, the phrase “that’ll buff right out” comes with more than just a hint of sarcasm. However, there are the occasional situations when a scrape or a scuff on car paint looks scarier than it actually is, and will in fact… buff right out. Rewind to last weekend, and a KIA that got a […]

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