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Boys’ Night Out: Thursdays in the Garage


There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes at Griot’s Garage. Bringing the best Car Care, tools, accessories, and garage gadgets to market takes time and dedication. It also means some late nights out in the garage testing and perfecting. Here’s the story of a time-honored research-and-development tradition… Thursday Boys’ Night Out.

The author wrenches on a Ducati Monster.

The author wrenches on a Ducati Monster.

Working at Griot’s Garage is a dream-come-true for me. In Merchandising, we source and develop the products offered in our handbook and on our website. We typically work six to twelve months on development and research before you see a product in the handbook. We sort through submissions by vendors and inventors, and we travel to trade shows and visit suppliers around the globe. In the morning we talk with our vendors from Europe, in the evening it’s our Asian suppliers. We negotiate order quantities, lead-times, product specifications, and collect a lot of paperwork in the process. The week is filled with meetings and sometimes it’s hard to find the time to get out into the shop to actually have fun with the products.

griots-garage_boys-night-out_workbenchRichard Griot and our President, Mark Greene decided some time ago to set aside some hours in their busy schedules to sneak out to the R&D Garage for product testing. It would be a prime opportunity to use the products in real world situations. Boys’ Night Out was born, and it was one of the elements that first drew me to Griot’s Garage. It’s rare to have the owner of a company and its highest-ranking officer so deeply involved in the products they offer. Every Thursday after work they headed out to the R&D Garage and spent time working with products. Soon after, they were joined by their racing buddy, Doctor Bill. I was invited along after starting with the company over eight years ago.

This 1979 Ferrari F1 made quite a racket when fired up!

This 1979 Ferrari F1 made quite a racket when fired up!

We’ve put together some really cool project cars on these Thursday nights, some of which have been featured on our handbook covers. One night that really stands out is when we fired up a Ferrari F1 car. It was a 1979 312T4 that was driven by Gilles Villeneuve (featured on handbook covers 144, 147 and 149). The twelve cylinder engine roared to life with ferocity, and echoed loudly off the walls of the surrounding buildings. A short time later the police arrived to see what was going on. I think they ended up just as excited as we were!

Boys’ Night Out has always been dedicated to the continued development of our products. On occasion, we find time to work on personal projects. I have a 1967 Ducati 160 Monza that I’m converting in to a Café racer. Mark recently finished a Porsche 914 project and continues work on perfecting his 1972 911S (the car featured on the very first Griot’s Garage handbook cover). Richard’s 1972 Suburban undertook a one-year, frame-off restoration in preparation for a family road trip and was featured on cover 296. You can read about his adventure here.


The author's Ducati cafe racer project.

Most people look forward to Friday afternoons with the weekend ahead to relax and spend time with family. For me, it’s Boys’ Night Out… an opportunity to get away and have some fun in the garage!


  1. Great story Tim! How come I have yet to see or hear about this café racer project you have going on?

  2. It’s an incomplete collection of parts right now. The fiberglass work is almost finished and ready for paint…

  3. I too am diggin the cafe racer. Can’t wait to see it when the parts are all together!

  4. Hey Tim!
    Get that bike finished already. I want to see you cruising down the street on her.

  5. 914forme says:

    Nice cafe racer, but what I want to see is more of the 914 – is this the one featured in tease photos throughout the catalog? These shots of the 914 are like 1940s pinups, just enough to make you want to see more. Alluring and sexy in a way only a 914 lover could understand.

    BTW, I love seeing all the projects that come out of this place, there all interesting to me, as I love everything that has a motor and goes forward via propulsion.

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