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Caption It! Half-Fast Edition

Richard Griot doesn’t accept anything “nearly right” . So why did Griot’s Garage recently take delivery of this beautiful, but partial Porsche? Caption this photo in the comments… we’ll pick the best one next Friday (the 21st) and award the winner a Car Care prize! Also, check back for the full story on this cool roadster, built by our friends at Intermeccanica.


  1. “The unfortunate result of having a Chevy 454 heart transplant.”

    “A very rare example of Ferry’s ill-conceived Speedster carnival ride.”

    “Still faster than a Porsche Diesel Super tractor.”

    ok I’m done 😀

  2. “We dont need no stinkin hydraulics…”

  3. When completing the transaction, the seller mentioned that the vehicle would be shipped in two pieces, but I had no idea at the time what he meant…

  4. “Wheels? Marty, where were going, we won’t need wheels”

    “Missing rear subframe? We’ve got a product for that”

  5. “For Sale: Partially Complete Speedster Project”

  6. “And this – motioning towards the now mangled car- is what happens when you don’t use a random orbital buffer. Burned right through the paint.”

  7. ken coatney says:

    ….yeah…but now it’s shiny! or Soooo….where’s the trailer?

  8. Adam 356 says:

    For Sale: 1958 Speedster. Light rear-end damage.

  9. Intermeccanica’s Annual 25% Off Sale!

  10. “In a bold move, Porsche recently announced a retro line of sundials.”

    “Look! Zero emissions!”

  11. Adam 356 says:

    Shark attacks car

  12. Training wheels for Little Speedsters!

  13. Nomo Moto!

  14. So there I was just on this side of nowhere, near redline, grabbed second, dumped the clutch, then BANG!….no more go.

  15. Brad Benson says:

    when his attorney said he’d lose his ass in the divorce, little did Fritz know it would be the Porsche’s ass.
    2 seconds ago ·

  16. Brad Benson says:

    perhaps he should have used Griot’s polishing system?

  17. Matt Anderson says:

    Over here is an easy way to apply Vinyl & Rubber Dressing to your tonneau cover…

  18. Jason Ingle says:

    I would like to buy your speedster, but I dont have the amount your asking. Will you take less? No problem, I will sell you less, here ya go.

  19. “40% off book …..crap….I should have asked Why?…”

    “I guess the wife was serious about me not going on that drive tomorrow….”

    “Say Richard did you see that V-8 transplant article in Excellence….Richard… there….”

  20. Burma Shaver says:

    “I told you that reverse was a tad bit tricky”

    “Don’t worry the rest of the car will catch up shortly”

    “The rear end is being installed on Thursday”

  21. Earl took Colin Chapman’s thought that “Any car that hold together for an entire race is too heavy.” just a bit too far this time.


    Porsche Owner desperately seeking art student to knit Porsche rear end to complete project car. Ran out of money and looking at alertantive options!

  22. “it would look better in one piece, in my garage”

  23. A German rickshaw!

  24. Check out the ultra rare Porsche 355 3/4

  25. you should take your car off the lift before you head out for lunch!

  26. Boyd Young says:

    Yeah, well, the back end of that Speedster made a great sofa in my garage. Thanks Richard!

  27. Steven Troutman says:

    “The perfect car for people who couldn’t care less about trunk space.”

  28. “honey quick give me a quarter they finally made one for daddy’s to ride in.”

  29. all business…the party left the building

  30. Griot’s Garage redefines “lowrider.”

  31. Amanda Loewen says:

    This is what Joint Custody looks like

  32. Amanda Loewen says:

    Ran out of Griot’s product…

  33. Karl Thacker says:

    “100% Factory original*

    *all part of car that remain”

  34. Yard Art – 2010

  35. Richard: “Guy, when I said ‘get the junk out of the trunk’, that isn’t what I had in mind.”

  36. I’m pretty sure that’s a 1958 and 1/2!

  37. Jet Abella says:

    I used Griots products on the front of the car,and meguiars on the back.

  38. I guess that 6″ Yellow scrubbing pad was a little stronger than I thought.

  39. Earl learned the hard way that the valet had never driven a rear engined car before

  40. “Yea, the dog finally cought it”

  41. I told them not to use the acid based wheel cleaner but….

  42. Wow, there are some really great captions, as always. Thanks for playing! It was a tough choice, but we like Brad’s tale of a Speedster that got caught in the middle of an ugly break-up…

    “When his attorney said he’d lose his ass in the divorce, little did Fritz know it would be the Porsche’s ass.”

    Congrats, Brad. We’ll send out your Car Care prize right away!