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We snapped this photo during the recent Porsche 356 Club meet at Griot’s Garage… and it needs a caption. This is where you come in! Submit as many as you’d like in the comments. We’ll pick the best one next Friday (July 31) and give the winner a cool car care prize.

Yes, people really do win at InMyGarage!

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  1. “You know, I think I can fit a Garret GT2871R turbo in there…”

  2. Whoa. It’s the soul of Marsellus Wallace.

  3. I gotta tell dad I want this when I turn 16.

  4. Dori Alpert says:

    ‘Now, was it the waterless spray on car wash first then the speed shine?’

  5. Now how do we pack the PB&J sandwiches in there?

  6. “Hey kid, c’mere … little closer … little closer …”

  7. Laura Waite says:

    “I just can’t figure out why they have the lid open, It would look so much faster closed!”

  8. I wonder if dad will notice if I stole the motor to put in my go cart.

  9. “Where does the Trunk Monkey go?”

  10. Connor R says:

    “So this is what a naturally aspirated engine looks like!”


    “I wonder if he’d do an even trade for my Schwinn.”

    Amazing car and funny picture.

  11. Little Tommy tried as best he could to not jsut blurt out “Thats it?”

  12. I just can’t believe that my mom packed a helmet, band aids, extra pants (just in case), extra socks, my lunch (tofu sandwich again),
    cards, boardgames, extra water, an emergency blanket, candles, healthy snacks & my view master….. all for a 45 minute trip to grandmas.
    Wow, she is one intense mom. geez.

  13. I know I put the snake in there………..

  14. “Where is all of that money dad was talking about dumping into the engine?”

  15. Where’s the radiator?


    Shouldn’t the motor be in the front?

  16. So if the motors back here… Then I guess Lil Sis can ride under the hood!

  17. “One in the back too?”

  18. Jennifer says:

    Wow, these are all really good! I personally like the one from Josh…. I had a go cart when I was a kid, and always wished it had more power!

  19. You almost had me? You never had me – you never had your car… Granny shiftin’ not double clutchin’ like you should. You’re lucky that hundred shot of NOS didn’t blow the welds on the intake! You almost had me?

  20. Let’s see, if I mow another 2,400 lawns and don’t spend any of my allowances until I graduate college, I think I can swing the purchase…

  21. Awesome captions, guys… thanks for playing! Our winner is Sean, who wrote this creative (and moderately creepy) caption from the car’s perspective: “Hey kid, c’mere… little closer… little closer…”

    Enjoy your prize, Sean! And with that, comments for this post are closed!