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Car Quotable – War on Speed Edition


The Internet’s been buzzing about Jeremy Clarkson’s final segment on this week’s episode of Top Gear. With the so-called “War on Speed” raging strong, this older quote from him falls right into place: “You can’t rationalize cars like these. They’re not something you buy with your head, you buy them with your heart because you love them, and who can explain love?”

Here it is, Top Gear’s segment on Aston Martin’s beautiful V12 Vantage…

To me, this segment was less about Aston Martin than it was about why we love fast cars. What Clarkson says right around the 2 minute mark really hit home. Are we beginning to see the end of supercars? Will the War on Speed leave us, the petrol-heads, losing something we love?

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  1. We mustn’t lose sight of the true goal. The petty war on speed will rage on long after internal combustion is dead and buried. Now, at the (third) dawn of the electric car, we have the ability to decide the future of cars. Castrated fwd rolling depression, or furious gearless thunder? I know which one is better for the children (and it isn’t the first one).

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