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Cars Of Europe Impress At August Caffeine & Gasoline

caffeine_and_gasoline_august_european_thumbnailWe were impressed with the collection of outstanding cars that rolled into the Griot’s Garage parking lot as we celebrated Europe’s finest automobiles at our August 2nd Caffeine & Gasoline. Rare, high-end rides from the likes of BMW, Porsche, Mercedes Benz, and Lamborghini dotted the parking lot and concours lawn.

There were also plenty of domestic rides on the scene and as always, free donuts and coffee were at the ready in the Indy Café. Caffeine & Gasoline is always free to the public and we encourage you to bring you own special car be it a driver, unfinished project, or concours quality competitor. Your next chance to get in on the action is September 6th, and the theme will be Italian Automobili. While the festivities may be ruled by Ferraris, we are hoping to see some sweet cars from Fiat, Maserati, and Alfa Romeo on the Garage grounds.

Mark the first Saturday of the month on your calendar. That’s when we put on our cruise-in car shows; and the show is on, rain or shine.

Check out more photos on our Flickr.


Max RPM Motorsports, a local Porsche tuning shop based in Bremerton, was on hand with a number of its muscled-up 911s.


The classic Mini is an attention-getter.


Propping open the bonnet reveals a Honda B16A2 powerplant.


It was great to see the Morris Garages represented by a pair of MGA roadsters.


Porsche… classic and modern.


This quirky Renault 4CV was a real standout.


We liked the attention to detail found in this hood trim piece.


Motivation comes from a rear-mounted four-cylinder engine.

Have fun in your garage!



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