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Cascade Rovers Celebrate A Snow Day

cascade_rovers_snow_day_thumbnailRovers are among the most capable off-road vehicles on the planet. I remember watching the Camel Trophy trucks as a kid and being in awe of the terrain they conquered. Stuff like fording creeks to the point they looked more like a submarine than a truck, climbing rocky outcrops at unbelievable angles, and enduring days in the desert.

Lately though, it seems the toughest landscape most tackle are the speed bumps in the local Whole Foods grocery store or jockeying for position to get that last spot at the shopping mall. If you look hard enough though, you’ll find there are serious enthusiasts out there that still take their vehicles to the limit, and recently I was lucky enough to get to tag along with a few them.

The Cascade Rovers Club usually meets for monthly trips and off-roading adventures around the Pacific Northwest. This time around, they were headed to the Mt. Baker – Snoqualmie National Forest for some fun in the snow.

On a cold Sunday morning, we rolled into in a Starbucks parking lot for a driver’s meeting. You could see your breath hanging in the air as the organizers went over the day’s itinerary and relevant safety information. When the meeting broke, and we had all signed away our lives on the prerequisite waiver forms, I was off to look at the vehicles that would be joining us.

While this is a Land Rover and Range Rover club, any make and model is welcome to join in on the fun. Naturally, the group was made up of mostly different generations of Land and Range Rovers, but we were also joined by a new Toyota FJ Cruiser and a bright orange International Scout representing the old school.

The following photos tell the story of the adventures we got into with the group over the next seven hours. Hope you enjoy!


Cruising up Highway 2 to find the trailhead.


Still in search of the deep snow.


A quick reminder of how you really need to keep your focus, even on the easy roads.


Finally getting into some deep snow.


Half way up the trail, we ran into our first major obstacle. Perfect time for a snowball fight.


Luckily, these guys come prepared for any obstacle too big to climb over.


At the end of the trail, some of the kids made a snowman, complete with a Cascade Rovers hat.


The snowman didn’t last long though.


Coming around the final corner of the trail.


The whole group at the end of the trail.

This was my third trip out with this group, and I can’t wait for the next trail run. I encourage anyone with a Rover, or any SUV for that matter, to look up a local off-road club and get out there. Wheeling is an excellent way to experience the great outdoors and learn what your vehicle is capable of beyond the pavement. I think I have really caught the bug.

Have fun in your garage!




  1. Hello John,
    My name is Kyle and i have recently purchased an LR3. I have been wanting to join this club for some time now but every time I look up Cascade Rovers, it says the page is sponsored by and i cant get any further. Is there a website link you can send me or let me know what i need to do in order to join? I would love to go on some sort of trail drive. Thanks a lot!

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