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Video: Classic T1 Bus Shames Supercars On The Nurburgring

The original Volkswagen Bus is a classic among classics with its “V-formation” nose and split windshield. These early buses are becoming expensive dates in the collector car world and many are wondering if rising prices mean falling interest in customization? Nope, and here’s the proof…

This iconic T1 bus makes its living hot lapping the Nurburgring. According to the uploader of the video, 10Bozzy92, Switzerland’s Fred Bernhard invested around five years in the build. The most transformational aspect of the project was taking horsepower from 39 or so to 570.

This was accomplished by ditching the archaic V-Dub four cylinder and grafting in a six cylinder, 3.6-liter Porsche 993 twin-turbo powerplant that has been modded and tuned. We like the choice of the 993 because it is the last of the air-cooled 911 engines and stays true to the air-cooled lineage of the old school Volkswagen.

The body has been widened 21mm and one cannot overstate the amount and importance of the suspension work done on the bus. The potent combination of power and control is why this old time people-mover makes minced meat out of Ferrari’s and other supercars on the ‘Ring. See it in action below… and remember as a Ring Taxi it often has more than one passenger onboard!

Have fun in your garage!


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