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ETS/English Racing 6-Second, 2,719-WHP Nissan GT-R Drag Car w/ Video

No matter how you look at it, this highly-tuned weapon of speed has the numbers to impress. It pegged a 2,500 horsepower chassis dyno, blasted 244 mph in the ½ mile, 6.98 seconds in the quarter mile, and it’s still “street legal.” We caught up with it at the recent Import FaceOff event at Woodburn Raceway in Oregon.

The Nissan GT-R rocked the supercar establishment in 2007 when it delivered world-conquering performance for under six figures. The car and its 480-horsepower, 3.8-liter twin-turbo V6 debuted at $69,850, although there were some sinister dealer markups going on at the time. By 2013 the base GT-R cost $96,820. The current, new-for-2017 base model with 565 horsepower goes for $109,990. Like Nismo? The 600-horse Nismo edition starts at $174,990. That’s some coin.

Although Nissan engineers proclaimed the GT-R too complex for tuners to tune, the R35 engine codes were cracked quickly and power generation began in earnest. Extreme Turbo System (ETS) is a Vancouver, Washington-based aftermarket high-performance parts manufacturer with an eye for the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, Subaru WRX STI, Toyota Supra, Porsche 911, and BMW 335i and 135i models. They jumped in full force and their test car, co developed with English Racing in nearby Camas, Washington, found itself dueling for worldwide accolades.

There are two ways to look at the car. You can see it as a stock chassis, steel bodied, still street legal R35 Nissan GT-R or a billet-blocked, one-off boost fiend, race car. The Nissan runs a custom Willall WR35BB engine block honed from high tensile strength billet aluminum. The block is fortified with ETS ductile iron sleeves and a billet aluminum cradle. The engine is pressurized by a pair of Precision Turbo & Engine PT7675 Gen2 turbochargers that are secured by ETS titanium top-mount race manifolds. Once pressurized in the ETS Super Race front-mount intercooler, charge air makes its way into the engine via Boost Logic intake manifolds. Of course, fuel and lubrication systems have been built to the hilt.

The V6 runs a Syvecs engine management system tuned by English Racing. Company owner, Lucas English, dial the motor in and also drives the beast. As we mentioned, the VR38DETT maxed out the dyno… see the feat unfold in the accompanying video from ETS.

At the Woodburn Import FaceOff race the Nissan screamed to a 7.24 at 207 mph, struggling for traction all the way to half-track. A broken bell housing cost the team some runs and the uncommonly sunny and hot conditions put more slick in the track than usual but the team got some good technical data and plan to go for more records this summer.


ETS/English Racing Performance Progression

4/10/14                 7.818 @ 183.15 mph, World Record, Quickest GT-R in 1⁄4 Mile

4/19/14                219 mph, World Record, Fastest GT-R in 1⁄2 Mile

3/22/15                7.492 @ 189.20 mph, World Record, Quickest GT-R in 1⁄4 Mile

8/22/15                228 mph, World Record, Fastest GT-R in 1⁄2 Mile

4/02/16                7.326 @ 196.63 mph, USA Record, Quickest GT-R in 1⁄4 Mile

9/13/16                 244 mph, World Record, Fastest GT-R in 1⁄2 Mile

4/29/17                 6.98 @ 214.89 mph, Breaks Into The 6s in 1⁄4 Mile

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