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Event Coverage: Importfest – Fast, Furious, And Fun

Our first-ever Importfest went down May 25 and the day served up a great mix of Japanese imports with a sprinkling of stanced-out European cars. Bright colors, hunkered stances, bold interiors, crazy custom stereos, and serious performance were the order of the day.

Attendees enjoyed the comradery that makes our hobby so great, talked shop with old friends, made new friends, and got ideas for their next project build… it was free and open to the public. Did you miss out? Join us for our monthly Caffeine & Gasoline cruise-in car show this Saturday, June 1st.

Porsche is the theme of this event, but vehicles of any kind are welcome to roll in and be part of the fun. The theme is more about the cars that will appear in our Auto Display, and we do see an influx of the featured theme make show up… so there should be more Porsches here than usual this Saturday. But the theme in no way limits what types of car are welcome to show up. If you have a cool car, no matter the make or model, that’s restored, a daily driver, or a barely rolling project bring it. Caffeine & Gasoline events are always free and open to the public and we serve up complimentary coffee and donuts in the Indy Café. Hope to see you here… gates open at 8 a.m.

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