Event Coverage

Event Coverage: September Caffeine & Gasoline

Our Caffeine & Gasoline events happen the first Saturday of every month and September is usually well attended because summer is coming to a close. This means it may be the last chance to take that special car out for a cruise… It was game on for the September 7th event.

We went through 60 dozen donuts in 60 minutes… and we cut our donuts in half!

It was great to see so many car enthusiasts, popping their hoods, running down the specs of their ride, and trading stories with fellow motorheads. Get in on the action, our next Caffeine & Gasoline is October 5th and the theme is race cars. Will the fair weather hold, will Mother Nature be in a giving mood, or will the sun set on the car driving season? Come on out and join us THIS SATURDAY… In the meantime check out some of the photos from last month’s event. Enjoy.

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