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Everything You Need To Know About Griot’s Garage Spray-On Detailers

Living life in the fast lane can make it tough to take care of your car. Hustle and bustle can often trump hose and bucket. Our spray-on detailers are a quick and thorough way to buy time until you’re able to downshift and enjoy some garage therapy washing and waxing your car. We have three products to fit upwardly mobile lifestyles.

With the recent introduction of our Best of Show® Detailer we thought it wise to highlight the different features and benefits of each of our spray-on detailer/wax offerings. The best approach is to envision Speed Shine® and Spray-On Wax as bookends with Best of Show Detailer nestled in the middle.

Speed Shine® 
Cleans paint between major washes

Speed Shine safely removes light dust, fingerprints, bird droppings, and general grime between hose-and-bucket washings. It is also the best clay lubricant on the market. Speed Shine should be used in the shade on cooler surfaces. It is safe to use on all finishes, including matte paint and vinyl wraps. Using a microfiber cloth, like a PFM Detailing Towel, Speed Shine requires an initial wipe with a flip of the towel to flash. Then a quick buff out. Speed Shine contains no wax protection ingredients so it merely lifts dust to reveal the shine trapped below.

Best of Show® Detailer
Cleans paint and enhances shine between major washings and waxings

We have developed Best of Show Detailer to be the premier Griot’s Garage detailer. It cleans like Speed Shine for between-wash touch ups, but unlike Speed Shine, Best of Show Detailer is formulated with polymer gloss and color enhancers. So it adds color, depth, and clarity to your paint as it lifts away light dust and dirt. It is not a clay lubricant and shouldn’t be used on matte finishes or cars with a vinyl wrap. Unlike Speed Shine, it works in direct sunlight on a hot or cool panel and with its faster flash, Best of Show Detailer wipes off faster than Speed Shine. This makes Best of Show Detailer better for show detailing where you may not have the ability to park in the shade.

Spray-On Wax
Enhances shine between major waxings

This product is not officially part of the Griot’s Garage detailing spectrum but it does serve to extend the time between full tilt waxing. Spray-On Wax is formulated with quality carnauba wax ingredients. It is designed for use on a clean surface to add gloss and protection. It has no cleaning properties. Your paint can be wet or dry prior to application and many users incorporate Spray-On Wax into their regular drying routine.

The bottom line is each product has its proper place on the Griot’s Garage bookshelf of car care. Speed Shine is a cleaner for between washings with no waxing abilities. Best of Show Detailer is a cleaner formulated with polymer ingredients that addresses shine. Finally, Spray-On Wax enhances paint protection between waxings but does not clean. It should be noted that both Spray-On Wax and Best of Show Detailer add life to whatever base wax/sealant is on the paint.

Now that you have a clearer understanding of Griot’s Garage spray-on detailer/waxes, go forth and let the gloss shine through.


Have fun in your garage!


  1. What is the meaning of “flash”? You used this term in the description.

    • Nice write up Evan. I was just about to email Griot’s to ask what the differences in the products are – very timely. Thank you.

      @ Tom – flash generally refers to the time between applying the product to the paint and the time it is ready to be removed. A product that “flashes” quickly means you can spray it on and not have to wait to remove it – makes the process quick/easy. Products with a longer flash period require you to spray, wait and then buff off.

      • Scott:
        Thanks for the explanation…makes sense but whenever I ass u me – well you know how that goes.

  2. Has Speed Shine been reformulated? I could have swore it had a bit of wax in it or some type of gloss enhancer. I prefer to use a post wash drying aid on ceramic coated cars that has no wax or gloss enhancers.

    • Hi Mark,

      Thanks for the question. Speed Shine has not recently been reformulated. It contains no carnauba, only light polymers to aid in lubricity and give you that freshly washed appearance.

  3. Can Best of Show Detailer be used on vinyl racing stripes?

    • Hi Frank,

      Good question. Only if they are glossy vinyl, we do not recommend Best of Show Detailer on matte or satin vinyl wraps as it may alter the appearance. If you do choose to try it on vinyl, test in a small inconspicuous area for appearance before covering large surfaces.

  4. Thanks for writing up the comparison. It would have been ideal to add “Spray-on Car Wash” to this comparison above, which I believe would be left of Speed Shine in the picture above. That product is fantastic too, assuming you buy enough green towels and regularly wash them in your microfiber towel wash. I rarely bucket wash my Ferrari anymore because it works so well. Thanks!

    • Hi Jason,

      Great suggestion! You’re absolutely right, Spray-On Car Wash would be pictured to the left of Speed Shine. Speed Shine gets the job done in between washes and Spray-On Car Wash features more surfactants and lubricity for safely removing heavier build up and replacing a normal hose and bucket wash.

  5. So, which one cleans the best? And is a Best of Show a more complete product that is a step up from Speed Shine?


  6. Ray Gorneault. says:

    I love speed shine and buy it by the gallon. I just did a paint correction with Griots latest polish and the results were amazing on my black Camaro ZL1. My question is now that I topped the car with a ceramic coating can I still use speed shine as a drying agent or between washes?

  7. Is the Best of Show safe for polymer sealants/ceramic coatings? Thanks!

  8. Does Speed Shine remove the wax from a vehicle ?

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