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France, England Square Off At Caffeine & Gasoline

caffeine_gasoline_october_thumbnailVeyron for the win! Billed as a showdown between Earl Grey tea and Grey Poupon mustard, our France versus Britain Caffeine & Gasoline event sounded like a bit of stretch on paper. I mean the French cars would be greatly outnumbered, right? But quality trumped quantity to the tune of 1,001 horsepower… Vive la France.

There are always a wide variety of cool cars to check out and I must say the French stole the show, laying claim to a Bugatti Veyron that took center stage on the deck outside the retail store. The Veyron was one of three in white and gold and we were surprised that one of the remaining two white and golds is the last Veyron to roll off the line. The numbers associated with this Bugatti are mind scrambling… 16 cylinders, four turbos, 0-60 in 2.5 seconds, 0-150 in 9.8 seconds. At its top speed of 253 mph the Bugatti’s fuel tank will run dry in a scant 12 minutes. It was a treat to see such an exotic piece of machinery up close and personal and it was surrounded by people all morning. There were also some less exotic but equally cool rides on the grounds. A ’73 Mazda RX-2 with a turbocharged, carbureted 12A rotary got us drooling. Some Cobras established a snake den on our front steps, there were quite a few early, original Minis on hand, and an awesome ’63 Cadillac drop top was another standout. The well-finned Caddy was laid out big time, features a nice two-tone paint scheme, some cool taillight details, and a thumpin’ modern LS2 small-block V8 from a 2007-vintage Cadillac CTS-V under the hood.

Sure the theme was a bit shaky going in, still, the event was a resounding success… because our Caffeine & Gasoline’s are about people, car people talking about cars. What better way to start off a weekend? Caffeine & Gasoline cruise-in car shows are the first Saturday of every month and the next one is November 1st… got plans this weekend?caffeine_gasoline_october_01caffeine_gasoline_october_02caffeine_gasoline_october_03caffeine_gasoline_october_05caffeine_gasoline_october_06caffeine_gasoline_october_07caffeine_gasoline_october_08caffeine_gasoline_october_09caffeine_gasoline_october_10caffeine_gasoline_october_04

Have fun in your garage!



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