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From Matte To Amazing: An Astonishing Transformation

We get all manner of customer feedback here at The Garage and photos of customer’s cars rank among our favorites. We recently received some pictures of a transformation so incredible we had to pass them along. They’re from Ted S. of Atlanta, Georgia and here’s what he had to say…

“Hi, I am an old geezer who has always detailed my autos by hand. Recently, I purchased a 1984 Toyota Supra that had sat out under some trees in the back of a lot for several years. It was covered in leaves, pecans, and walnut pieces. I have to say I was a doubter, skeptical about whether anything could bring this paint back to life. I decided to purchase some of Griot’s Garage buffers, pads, compounds, and polishes and give them a try. All I can say (and what everyone else who sees it says) is “whoa that car looks like it was just repainted.” Thanks for supplying folks like me with great products and terrific instructional videos.”

He also said when he sent in the pictures that he still needed to apply some BOSS Finishing Sealant. He quipped, “I was just so pleased with the results at that point I just had to share. It’s funny now how I’m the talk of the neighborhood, everyone wants to know what I used and how I did it. They are amazed and want to know if I’ll do their cars for them… something along the lines of ‘Like a good neighbor Tedfarm is there.'”

Along with an old 6″ machine and a few other liquid products in his existing inventory, Ted purchased and used a 3″ Random Orbital, BOSS Fast Correcting Cream, 6″ Orange Foam Correcting Pads, BOSS Correcting Cream, and BOSS Finishing Sealant on the Supra. We recommend you save your back and get a 6″ Random Orbital and save money by teaming up these products in a BOSS-based kit.

We all love barn finds, pulling a creaky barn door open to reveal a hidden treasure of a car is the dream of any enthusiast. While Ted’s find lacked the barn-like structure, the car had the look. The Toyota was sitting behind an apartment building he manages and when he heard the car was being donated for a tax write-off he matched the $300 credit and got the car.

Ted’s 1984 Celica Supra is an old school import that has more punch than meets the eye. The ’84 model year was a design refresh year and these versions are identifiable by their wraparound front turn signals. Known as a Mk II or A60 Supra, these sporty coupes are powered by Toyota’s 5M-GE, a 2.8-liter inline 6 rated at 160 horsepower. Ted’s Celica Supra represents a healthy 55-horse jump compared to a regular ’84 Celica that features a 105 horsepower 22R-E four-cylinder engine. This era of Supra came in two sub-models, the P-Type or performance-slanted model, easily spotted by its fiberglass fender flares and the L-Type or luxury variant that had no flares but did offer a leather interior option. The wheels were quick identifiers with the P-Type rolling a four twin-spoke wheel while the L-Type ran a fuller faced wheel with square-shaped reliefs. Ted’s looks to be an L-Type and looks to be in great shape. Keep up the good work, Ted.

Have fun in your garage!


  1. Charles Ogle says:

    Wow ! This gives me inspiration for a re do job. My Son-in-law just inherited a 1979 Cadillac Seville from his granny’s estate. Been sitting for 10+ years. I will have to figure out how to de-mold the leather seats though.

  2. michael wisotzky says:

    great story any body can get a new car that car is great me a toyota man have 4 of them i buy griots products there custermer service is the very very best

  3. Noel Eberhardt says:

    These photos remind me of refinishing my 1976 red Porsche 912 E. It’s all original but the red paint it turned orange. After a similar finish read do using the previous numbered material system I had similar results. I’ve been flashed thumbs up and frequently asked when It was repainted. The car is all original, had it since new and is a daily driver.

  4. Thanks Griots staff and all who respond. I was a doubter, as I said I’m getting on up there in years and have most always done my autos by hand. Old shool if you will and had pretty much ruled out everything except a new paint job. Now in our day and age, technology and products have become far more advanced with abilities to cut time and labor. I too was amazed at the results and at the same time, seeing first hand that anyone can achieve these right at home in their own garage. But, what brings me the most joy in having done this is watching the enthusiasm and excitement it brings out of others. The thumbs up, the smiles and the sometimes wonderful conversions about the memory it brought back for that person. Truely a blessing.

  5. Lou Krieg says:

    Beautiful job… I had a new ’84 Supra P-model (with leather…a late availability option as I recall). Great car, really miss it. Traded it in on a new ’87 944 Turbo that I kept for 20 years (learned my lesson about letting great cars go).

    • I know what you’re saying Lou, I kick myself in the rear alot for letting some of the ones go I had back in the late sixties and early seventies. Was just young and dumb at that time in life.

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