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From Oxidation To Adulation: Another Astonishing Transformation


Customer feedback comes in all shapes and sizes. In this case it came in the form of Rod J.’s 1987 Chevy pickup. He attended our recent Caffeine & Gasoline show, grabbed the ear of one of our staffers, and sang the praises of how our products revived his truck’s tired, sunbaked paint. Here’s what he had to say…

“So basically, I used Paint Cleaning Clay with Speed Shine followed by the 6″ Random Orbital with the Microfiber Fast Finishing Pad and BOSS Fast Correcting Cream. This allowed me to remove the oxidation rather quickly. After clay barring the truck, I began by applying the Fast Correcting Cream on the pad setting tool speed at 5 and working back and forth, side to side in about 2′ x 3′ areas for about two minutes per section. I immediately removed the polish and reapplied, treating each section three or four times until I achieved a nice shine. I then went over the entire truck once with Complete Polish to deepen the shine and remove any remaining swirls (machine setting 6).”

“I still need to apply wax but I have some pollen that needs to be removed from a couple areas before I apply a final wax coat. I bought this truck in 2004 or so. Its main purpose has been a daily driver and to use for around the house projects, hauling loads of beauty bark, trips to Home Depot, etc. Always garaged every night until a couple years ago when the transmission finally gave up and I parked the truck for a while.

So it was a bit neglected and sat in the weather much longer than I intended so the finish was in really bad condition. I have replaced the transmission and the truck has been started and run every couple of weeks but it no longer serves a purpose consistently. Now that I have brought the finish back, the truck is for sale and I’m hoping to find an enthusiast who will treat her right!”

“I have used Griot’s products for many years. I have the wash bucket, mitt, microfiber cloths (all colors), glass cleaner, polish, interior and leather cleaners, wheel cleaners and tire shine, undercarriage cleaner, polishes, and wax. I use these on all of our vehicles and just love them!”

Good luck with the sale, Rod… and we hope to see you at future Caffeine & Gasoline events with a new toy.

Have fun in your garage!

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