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Ground-Shaking Dragster Fire-Up Headlines Caffeine & Gasoline

It was a loud and proud morning at Griot’s Garage on June 4th. We blasted the morning dew off the leaves when we fired and revved “Juvenile Delinquent,” a blown 383-inch small-block V8-powered 1947 Fiat Topolino as part of our Caffeine & Gasoline activities.

It was hard to tell which was hotter, our coffee, the cars, or the weather as the Tacoma area was in the midst of a heat wave. The joint was jumping, our supply of donuts disappeared as if part of a magic trick as our June event was the busiest this calendar year… so far.






Dragsters make their legend a quarter mile at a time and these straight-line masters were the theme of this month’s Caffeine & Gasoline. As always Griot’s Garage encourages all in attendance to drive their pride and joys to the event… be it a prized modern driver or a vintage classic. It’s free to all and happens the first Saturday of every month at Griot’s Garage Flagship Store in Tacoma. Our next extravaganza will be July 2nd and the theme will be All American. We hope to see you here… in the meantime check out some of the cars that showed up in June.

Click here and see our entire gallery of images on Flickr.

Have fun in your garage!


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