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July Caffeine & Gasoline Celebrates American Muscle

We are keeping House of Donuts in business. Our July 1 Caffeine & Gasoline required 70 dozen to satisfy the sweet teeth of the throngs of enthusiasts in attendance. That’s right 840 of the holey cakes of joy passed hands. The donuts and untold gallons of coffee fueled the conversations from the Indy Café to the Concours Lawn.

There was a lot to talk about… the weather was awesome, the cars on hand were awesome, and it was the weekend before the Fourth of July. Some trends we’ve noticed as we get into the meat of summer?…. There is a rise in Viper attendance and Tacoma must be the jumping off spot for AMX Javelins as we’ve been seeing a lot of them recently.

No matter what you like, there is a great mix of cars at our monthly open house, cruise-in car show. Come and join in on the fun.

Our next extravaganza is August 5 and JDM is the word as the theme is Tuner cars. Caffeine & Gasoline events are free open to the public Got a nice car? Bring it. Here are a few pictures of the July event and check out our gallery on Fickr.


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