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LEGO Builds Life-Size Bugatti Chiron That Drives

Many of us have fond memories of crafting cars from LEGO building blocks. Before there were ‘kits,’ items like a wedge-shaped nose piece, a wafer thin ‘chassis’ pieces, and the special blocks that accepted the wheels and tires were must haves. Then there were kits with specially made blocks that allowed you to build a specific car… that looked like the real car.

LEGO has upped the ante and added scale and horsepower to the equation, building a life-size Bugatti Chiron that can be driven under its own power.
The numbers behind this ultimate toy are staggering… 13,000 hours to complete, 1 million LEGO pieces, 339 different types of Technic blocks, 2,304 LEGO Power Function motors and 4,032 Technic gear wheels, and 2,016 axles.

The LEGO Bugatti is run by an 80-volt battery and those piggybacked engines create 5.3 horsepower. The car features a functional speedometer made from LEGO blocks, a functional active rear spoiler that rises into action just like the real thing. The doors, headlights, taillights, steering wheel, and brake pedal are all operational as well.

There are a few non-LEGO components on the car that can’t be had in LEGO form, namely, the tires, the braking system (made with go-kart parts), and the power steering system. The LEGO Bugatti was built on a steel frame and tips the scales at 3,300 pounds.

Naturally, the LEGO Bugatti debuted in Monza Italy at the Grand Prix Formula 1 event on August 30. The debut included a speed trial where it was driven by former race car driver Andy Wallace who topped out at 12.4 mph… well shy of the real deal’s 261-mph terminal velocity but an impressive achievement just the same.


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