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Motorcycles Rumble At May Caffeine & Gasoline®

The rumpity rump of motorcycles was the order of the day at our May Caffeine & Gasoline® cruise-in and car show. Warm exhaust manifolds and warm weather made for a great morning of eye-ballin’ bikes, gawking at cars, and talking shop with like-minded gearheads.

Sometimes the theme of our Caffeine & Gasoline® events is not fully represented… and that’s OK… usually the theme is best represented in our Auto Display. However, hot rodders, Ferrari owners, and the cars of Deutschland are exceptions that seem to embrace the occasion… add bikers to that list.

This mild custom chopper is built on a small frame. Its “Mini Me” size and pastel color palette earned it the nickname the Princess Chopper. It is powered by a one-slug Triumph engine… and we love the gold period-correct helmet!

There were tons of two wheelers prowling about the Griot’s Garage show area and parked on the ramp leading to the store. This added a fresh vibe to the morning but the comradery and conversations that make C&G so enjoyable were at normal operating temperatures.We’re revving up for the next Caffeine & Gasoline®. It will be June 2nd and the theme will be Porsche. These events are open to the public so get your weekend cruiser ready and get to our Flagship Retail Store in Tacoma between 8 a.m. and 10… Saturday mornings don’t get much better than this.

In the meantime, here are some visuals of the May event… Check out our Flickr gallery here.


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