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All-New Toyota Supra Racing Concept Wows The Crowd At The Geneva Motor Show

The Toyota Supra MkIV (1993 – 1998 in America) was an iconic tuner car years before the Fast & Furious franchise started making movies. The car’s 3.0-liter 2JZ-GTE inline 6 was factory turbocharged and intercooled and rated at a conservative 320 horsepower.

Built-and-boosted versions powered import drag racers of the day to 6-second, 200+ mph quarter miles that rivaled NHRA Pro Stock cars. For two decades, the motoring public clamored for a new Supra and rumors ran rampant that it would be a Lexus… first the LFA, then the LC500.


The MkIV Supra, also known as the JZA80, was produced from 1993 to 2002 but Toyota stopped selling it in America in 1998.

But the cosmic tumblers aligned when BMW was looking to create a new Z4 and the two joined forces in 2013 to share development resources and split the cost. The pairing is akin to the Toyota 86 (formerly the Scion FR-S) and the Subaru BRZ. But unlike the Toyobaru, the Supra and Z4 are expected to be far different cars… the BMW a roadster, the Toyota a hardtop coupe.

This modified 2JZ-GTE inline 6, built by SP Engineering, produces 1,076 wheel horsepower as measured on a chassis dyno. It powers a street-driven Supra owned by Ken Henderson, a long-time Supra aficionado.

Said development has been years in the making and production is imminent. There are camouflaged Supra photos all over the internet. But now we have an official prototype unmasked and dressed in racing glory.

The GR Supra Racing Concept made its world debut at the Geneva Motor Show. Created by TOYOTA GAZOO Racing, the automaker’s motorsports and high-performance partner, the concept has a pure front-engine/rear-wheel drive configuration and makes use of advanced lightweight materials in its construction. The large “90” race number on its doors may well be a historical reference to Supra’s codename and a big visual clue to the fact that this concept heralds Supra’s return for a fifth generation. The pMkIV Supra was also know by its chassis designation: JZA80.

The GAZOO concept has dramatic bodywork that includes a large rear wing, wide front and rear bumpers, aggressive front splitter and rear diffuser. Its chassis features lowered front and rear suspension using original equipment (OE) components. BBS racing wheels with center-nut attachment are fitted with Michelin racing tires and the Toyota’s braking system uses Brembo Racing calipers and discs.

The cabin is entirely competition-focused and is fitted with a racing dashboard and OMP driver’s seat, safety harness, and quick-release steering wheel. The doors are lined with carbon fiber panels and the dashboard includes a racing display.

It’s great to finally see some real body contours… exaggerated in the name of racing for sure, but better than a conglomeration of swirls and digital camouflage. We can’t wait to see pre-production prototypes… or better yet, the real thing!

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