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October: Fall Car Care Month And How We Can Help

The mercury will be dropping soon and, depending on where you live, difficult driving conditions are on the horizon. October is Fall Car Care Month making this is a great time to create a punch list of seasonal maintenance that will provide peace of mind, sustain safety, and maximize your car’s efficiency as the weather turns.

We have compiled the following tips, tricks, and products to help you prepare your vehicle for the open road or long-term storage during the dark, damp, and demanding months of winter.

Tires & Traction

Check your tire pressure. Colder air is denser and can lead to lower pressures. In fact, you can expect one psi of tire pressure drop for every 10 degrees Fahrenheit drop in ambient air temperature. Be sure to check all four tires and the spare and do so periodically over the winter as the temperature continues to drop. Correct tire pressure levels can be gleaned on a sticker typically located on the driver’s side door jamb or found in the vehicle’s owner’s manual.

Tire wear should also be evaluated. Remember a tire that grips sufficiently in the summer can still have problems in the rain… aquaplaning is not fun. According to the American Automobile Association any tire with less than 3/32-inches of tread should be replaced. Also look for uneven wear across the tire… inconsistency here can signal alignment, wheel balance, or suspension problems that must be addressed to better grip slippery roads and prevent further tire damage and possibly premature tire failure. This is also a good time to rotate your tires.

If you live in an area that experiences a lot of snow, snow tires may be worth considering. These tires have a blockier tread pattern that’s more adept at motoring through the slick and slippery stuff. Some snow tires even have metal studs to really dig in. It’s common to mount snow tires on cheap rims and swap them onto your vehicle during the snowiest months of winter.

How We Can Help

Analog Tire Inflating Gun. Correct tire pressure is important. In fact, outside of ample oil and coolant levels, tire pressure is THE most important aspect of routine car maintenance. Our Analog Tire Inflating Gun is easy to read, has tons of features, and delivers unmatched build quality. Engage the valve handle all the way to fill, or halfway to bleed off excess air pressure. Soft rubber surrounds and protects the gauge from drop damage while also safeguarding your car’s paint. Gauge reads 0-85 psi (0-5.8 Bar) range and there are no batteries to change out. The extra long, 40-inch inflating hose also clips on to the tire valve, adding to the gun’s convenience.

Analog Tire Pressue Gauge. This is a popular gauge among customers and Griot’s Garage associates alike. I have been using my Digital Tire Inflation Gun as a pressure checker and found the locking chuck far too clumsy. I recently got one of these analog pressure gauges and haven’t looked back. I love how the angled chuck and generous 17 inches of lead hose make it easy to quickly check pressures no matter the position of the valve stem. Since the unit holds the pressure reading until released via a bleeder valve I can easily take notes on the pressure at my leisure and ensure all four tires are balanced.

Flat-Free Tire Ramps. If your fall car care plans involve putting your vehicle up for the winter, or longer, these ramps are worth looking into. The contoured shape of the ramps distribute weight evenly eliminating tire flat spotting that can occur during long-term storage. They’re made from heavy-duty polypropylene so they’ll last for years and years and each ramp has a five-ton weight capacity so bring on that Duesenberg. I won a set of these at our holiday party a few years back and use them on my ’55 T-Bird.

Here are two inventive storage options if you swap to snow tires in the depth of winter or have a set of race tires for weekend shenanigans at the local track.

Heavy-Duty Wall Mounted Tire Storage Rack. If floor space is at a premium in your garage, our this sturdy storage rack is your go-to player. The rack will support up to 400 pounds and its three chrome-plated tubes are adjustable to accommodate tire sizes up to 36 inches in outside diameter. The back bar prevents tires from touching the wall and the rack’s inner dimensions expand to 52 inches wide to accept wider tires.

Rolling Tire Cart. Here’s a great way to go if you lack wall space. It keeps your rolling stock portable and can be slid behind a workbench or against a wall when not in use. The cart measures 30 inches in diameter, weighs 17 pounds, can handle 1,000 pounds, includes a tie-down strap for stability and safety, and rolls on five commercial-grade casters, two of which are locking and two of which are fixed for easy straight-line maneuvering.

Battery & Electrics

Cold winter temperatures conspire to rob power from your battery. Cold starting demands can be the straw that breaks the camel’s back for compromised batteries that are operating on the brink of failure. So evaluating the condition of your battery before the mercury drops is smart. The added burden put on the electrical system also makes the flow of power important so this is a good time to examine battery cables and terminals. Make sure the ground cable is secure and remove cables and clean away any corrosion in the terminals that could impede making a proper connection.

How We Can Help


2000A 12V Lithium-Ion Jump Starter. Pack some peace of mind in your trunk. If you have one of those troublesome weak batteries, leave your lights on, or come across someone with a dead battery, this is the jump starter to have. Frankly, calling this a product a jump starter really sells it short as it’s also part rescue team and part pit crew. The unit is small, the main body is smaller than a sheet of printer paper folded in half (8 1/2″ L x 3 7/8″ W), but packs a wallop with 2,000 amps at the ready and the capacity to fire up 40 vehicles on a single charge. The jump starter has a multi-mode LED flashlight and can also recharge USB devices, like smartphones, tablets, and digital cameras and power 12-volt items like tire inflators, power inverters, and more. Talk about versatile. Ever been stranded on the side of the road and left wondering what will happen first, the tow truck showing up or the cell phone dying? I have. And I can tell you turning up the anxiety level on an already stressful situation really sucks.

Battery Manager V. One of our most popular battery maintenance products, the Battery Manager V is designed to keep weekend warrior cars and those being stored for the winter ready to start when the weather breaks. The Battery Manager V doesn’t sit there and trickle power it’s much more active. Its microprocessor controlled multi-phase charging process reconditions a dead or weak battery (6- or 12-volt), and the unit even has an exercising mode that maintains battery health once charging is complete. The Battery Manager V is super safe as it includes reverse polarity protection, temperature compensation, short circuit protection, over-voltage protection, and a recovery mode to resume charging after power outages.

Wiper Blades & Windows

Vision is one of the many victims of foul weather and when you’re behind the wheel in the most trying of driving conditions a clear view of your surroundings is critically important. There are steps you can take to maximize your outward visibility. First your wiper blades should totally clear away any rain on the glass in a single swipe. If the blades pass over the glass missing spots or leave steaks it’s time to replace your wipers. Another nifty tip is upgrading your window washer fluid. Winter formula fluids have antifreeze ingredients in them and some can work at temperatures of -20-degrees Fahrenheit protection.

How We Can Help

Glass Sealant. Go beyond just keeping your glass clean and use some of our Glass Sealant the next time you detail your ride. It creates a hydrophobic surface that repels water instantly and helps you remove ice, salt, and frost more easily. Since the sealed surface is smoother, Glass Sealant helps your wipers work more efficiently and last longer.

Paint & Surface Finish

The elements can be tough so it’s wise to add a quick coat of protection. Even if you plan to cover your ride for the winter, a quick shot of sealant or wax will help protect the paint from blemishes caused by the car cover where it wraps around the body. Plus your car will be fully shined and ready for the road in the spring.

How We Can Help

Liquid Wax 3-in-1 or One-Step Sealant (pictured). These ultra-durable synthetic-based sealants are perfectly suited for combating harsh winter weather. They provide better protection that carnauba-based waxes and you also get mild defect correction from a product that can be applied by hand or machine.  Both products features fast and easy wipe-off for added convenience.

Fall Car Care Tips & Tricks

Here are some other scheduled maintenance procedures to consider as you winterize your ride for the cold and snow. People often look at radiators and concern themselves with overheating but coolant is also called antifreeze for a reason. Beyond checking the level of the coolant/antifreeze check its ratio. Using an inexpensive tester available at any auto parts store test the antifreeze protection level to ensure you’re running a 50:50 mix of water and antifreeze. Be sure headlights (including brights) and all signal and marker lights are working. Remove and hold your air filter up to a bright light. If the light shines through you’re good to go, if the light is blocked replace the filter. Also check your hoses and belts for fraying, cracking, and other tell-tale signs of impending doom.

Driving in the winter can be tough but following the tips and tricks outlined here will increase the confidence you have in your vehicle and make navigating through storms much more manageable. Happy winterizing.


  1. Dave Seibert says:

    Greetings. I am a huge fan of your products and have been a customer for years. I just traded in my 2007 911 for a 2017 911. The new vehicle has a clear bra on it. My plan is to maintain the paint as I always have utilizing Griot’s product. Do you advise doing anything different as a result of the clear bra? Thank you.

  2. Ya, I know- October is a car care month. I think it’s the exemplary time to jog a motorist’s memory about his vehicle’s seasonal checkup which is undoubtedly indispensable for maintaining safety and maximizing the overall efficiency. The automotive experts normally recommend that a vehicle owner should avail all the openings of this car care month to determine his automobile’s fall and winter aftercare necessities. In this specific context, I would say that a car owner can perform some fall maintenance task on his own. But there are certain vehicle maintenance chores that require the assistance of a skilled auto professional. So, whenever you are choosing an auto technician, make sure you are choosing the best specialist to protect your venture till the mid of winter.

  3. To maximize the performance of the car you must do it’s maintenance by your self or take help of a car expert to get good result. Preparing your vehicle to meet the situation on the road in any atmospheric condition, firstly must check its fuel or fluid system such as engine oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid etc. It is also necessary check tire pressure using a pressure gauge before every trip by your car. As we know winter is the toughest time to keep all parts of the vehicle in proper shape so before cold season reaches you should check and repair all worn parts of the vehicle by a good car mechanic as soon as possible.

  4. I am glad to know that, during winter season the air became denser and lead to the lower tire pressure. Use of under-inflated tires should be avoided. Because they have negative impacts on fuel economy of the car and could not produce better traction on the road surfaces. Battery is also affected by the extreme cold temperature. A volt test should be conducted to know the condition of the battery. Replacement of older battery is always recommended to get continuous power supply. With the proper counter measure, we can over comes the adverse impact of the winter.

  5. Battery get affected during winter season and needs maintenance to minimize the effects of the extreme colder temperature on the battery. If the battery if more than two to three year old, then it should be replaced with new battery. Different types of fluids used in the vehicles also affected by the extreme colder temperature and fluids with higher viscosity thickens, hence comparatively thinner fluids should be used during winter season.

  6. With autumn on the way, a lot of things are there that you have to prepare prior to the arrival. The convertible needs more than just propellant and a complete wash to perform optimally. Especially for the older road companions, aftercare is highly obligatory to note when the climate starts to change and for a good cause. In my opinion, instead of allowing the speed machine to be susceptible to the amendment in weather, and also what comes with the spell, perform the maintenance assignment by hiring a car-geek and make your road companion able to perform as good as it ever has.

  7. October is the car care month. At this time we should be aware of the car care and prepare our vehicle for the harsh winter weather ahead. Colder air is denser and leads to lower air pressure. So, be sure to check the air pressure of all the four tires along with the spare tire. If in our region, there is heavy snowfall, then we should replace the ordinary tires of our car with snow tires to provide better traction on the road. If the wipers are leaving streaks, then it is time to replace the wipers for proper visibility.

  8. October notifies the start if fall spell. It is regarded as the national car care month. Fall is the right spell when you can prepare your road companion for Jack Frost, and monsoon. Apart from keeping the tires properly inflated, you need to check the spares as well. Don’t forget to inspect the tread depth of the tires. Check the brakes. Make sure the battery is capable of holding the charge for a longer period of time. Ensuring the serviceability of heater, defroster, and wiper blades will help you to take a trouble-free ride.

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