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On the Lot: Superformance Cobra


I had to grab the camera when I heard this ‘66 Cobra replica roaring in. I took my time enjoying all the angles while the owner shopped in our retail store. Superformance did an excellent job replicating the handiwork done by the original builders back in ’66… had me fooled until the owner, John, shared the car’s story.

John first drove the car in 1999 when it was fresh from the Superformance shop. With a daughter going off to college, however, he decided to put this little dream on the back burner. He never forgot the car, though, and eight years later found it back on the market. John’s owned the Cobra for almost two years now and enjoys it every sunny day. Thanks for sharing this beauty with us!

Enjoy the pictures… click ’em to enlarge.

1966 Superformance Cobra 1cobra_rep2cobra_rep3cobra_rep4cobra_rep5cobra_rep6cobra_rep7



  1. Jennifer says:

    Great pictures!

  2. Awesome! I wish I could have one

  3. Beautiful!

  4. Billyray says:

    Dangerously fast. Oh yeah baby!

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