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Swap Madness: Old School Opel Kadett Gets A Turbo Honda J-Series V6

Here’s a Kadett worthy of a salute. It’s a 1979 Opel Kadett coming at us from Hokksund, Norway. The car and its innovative swap were executed by OakHeart Racing. The diminutive coupe had been motivated by a turbocharged Volvo inline-four but has recently taken a side trip to the land of the Rising Sun.

The Opel now runs a 3.5-liter Honda J35 V6 force-fed via a BorgWarner 42mm turbocharger. The V6 is backed by a BMW 530D manual transmission fitted with a Quarter Master twin-plate clutch.

The coupe has been put on a diet as fiberglass hood and fenders have replaced the original sheet metal pieces.

The OakHeart crew moved the radiator to the trunk to make room for the turbo plumbing and we’re unsure how well this ploy will work. The Honda J-Series engines are becoming a somewhat popular swap candidate… with the latest landing spot being Mazda Miatas.

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