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Parking Spot Car Feature: Jason Anderson’s 1955 Porsche Continental

The 1955 Porsche Continental is a rare, one-year-only, America-only offering that’s basically a 1500 with a catchy, made-for-America nameplate. Porsche’s marketing scheme backfired as Ford took exception to the use of Continental which was its line-topping Lincoln product and sued. This one had a football huddle of people around it.

There were a gaggle of Porsches at our Porsche themed Caffeine & Gasoline event on August 6th so it is no surprise we picked out a star of Stuttgart as our feature vehicle. The Continental caught our eye at the start but we considered something more flashy. The old-timer was soon crowded by admirers, confirming our initial interest.

We should have remembered owner Jason Anderson because we featured his 1963 Feuer Rettungswagen, a VW single-cab fire rig, in July 2014. Jason shared some interesting tidbits about the Porsche. “The gentleman I bought the car from bought it in 1960 for $500 from a lawyer who bought it brand new out of Olympia. I have had it for seven years. To make a long story short, the guy I bought it from used to store his Christmas decorations in the car. So after three years of dropping by and bugging him… He said, ‘I used to drive it all the time. I was a pilot out at the Bremerton Airport.’ I said, ‘really my wife’s grandparents owned the Bremerton Airport.’ So it turns out my mother-in-law had ridden in this car when she was 16 and he worked at the airport. So we kind of made a connection and he sold me the car based on that story.”

The Continental is a pre-A car, it has a bent windshield, and a lot of unique features that later cars just don’t have. The radio pod, for instance, is something you’d see in a split window Bug with the surround and built-in speaker. The Porsche was repainted from silver to its current red in 1970 but other than that it’s an all-stock, all-original car.

Jason relates that the engine was rebuilt by Porsche in the 1980’s. It’s a 1500 standard that’s still 6 volt and still rated at about 58 horsepower. “The previous owner referred to it as a ladies Porsche, says Jason, “because it’s not a 1600 but nevertheless that would be one happy lady because it’s a scream to drive. That 58 horsepower sounds like 60. It’s got great big grooved aluminum brake drums and two wheel cylinders per brake in front so the braking was really high-tech for the times.”

Some cars just have The Look and Jason’s ’55 is guilty as charged. We like the originality of the car, its unique, one-year-only rarity, and its ability to put onlookers in the driver’s seat as they imagine tooling about the country side in the best use of 58 horsepower we’ve seen in some time.

We are looking forward to the next Caffeine & Gasoline car show this Saturday. The theme is Jaguar and it will be interesting to see if there are a heard of Leaping cats in the parking lot for us to choose a feature from. The show starts at 8 a.m. hope to see you in Tacoma.

Have fun in your garage!


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