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Picking The Right Leather Care


Leather interiors are the embodiment of luxury. They feel like opulence, smell like extravagance, and carry an aura of affluence about them like no other part of the automobile. Leather is also an expensive, upscale option in most cars. So caring for your leather is essential and we have an entire product line dedicated to the task.

There are two vital facets to leather care; cleaning and conditioning. Obviously cleaning is the removal of dirt. Conditioning has to do with the nourishment of the leather: the penetration of product into the pores of the hide. This keeps the leather saturated, moist, and resilient. The cleaner the pores, the better the leather will accept conditioners. It should be noted that warm leather surfaces are more receptive to conditioning products because the heat opens the pores of the leather, allowing the conditioner to better penetrate and be absorbed. Further, all of our leather products dry clear and will not leave white residues in seams or perforations.

The key is getting the proper amount of cleaning or conditioning for the state of your particular leather. Some products are weighted more to the conditioning side of the ledger, while others are a balancing act between the two, and some are straight cleaners. The accompanying chart is a numeric representation of how all our leather products stack up in these two critical categories.


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leather-care-lineup-rejuvenatorLeather Rejuvenator
As the name implies this is a resuscitation type of product designed for the driest, most harshly worn, or utterly neglected leather. So Leather Rejuvenator is for anything from a dusty, rusty barn find to a vehicle whose interior hasn’t ever been graced with a speck of maintenance. This product is 100-percent conditioner with no cleaning properties. Generally 5- to 10-year-old leather would be a leading candidate for Leather Rejuvenator. It is highly concentrated, protects against future wear, and includes a fresh, new-leather scent.

Leather Care leather-care-lineup-leather-care
Our most versatile leather product, Leather Care is aimed at slightly aged leather that requires light to moderate cleaning and enhanced conditioning. It has more cleaning power than Leather Rejuvenator and Leather 3-in-1, and better conditioning than Leather Care Spray and Leather 3-in-1. Leather Care is designed to restore worn, dry, cracked surfaces, and/or maintain healthy leather surfaces that are 3 to 5 years old. Smells like new leather.

leather-care-lineup-3-in-1Leather 3-in-1
Our newest leather care liquid, Leather 3-in-1 cleans, conditions, and protects in one fell swoop. Leather 3-in-1 provides light cleaning, ample conditioning, and polymer-based UV inhibitors to keep newer leather looking factory fresh. It’s best for use on 1- to 4-year-old leather. Leather 3-in-1 produces a richer appearance than Leather Care Spray, and is not meant for restoration like Leather Care or Leather Rejuvenator. It can be used, on a monthly basis if needed, as a maintenance for older, previously restored leather.

Leather Care Sprayleather-care-lineup-interior-care-spray
Like Speed Shine for leather, this product features quick spray-and-wipe application. It’s weighted more as a cleaner to be used as ongoing maintenance product on showroom new to 3-year-old leather. This is our lightest conditioning product. It provides a stronger cleaning action than Leather Rejuvenator, Leather 3-in-1, and Leather Care. Includes new-leather scent.

leather-care-lineup-wipesLeather Care Wipes
Shares the formulation and merits of Leather Care Spray but in a more convenient delivery system. Each wipe is saturated with correct amount of product to properly maintain your leather which takes clogging of seams and perforations out of the equation. Available in 100-sheet quantities, these wipes are especially useful in tight areas around trim. Like all our leather products, you can use Leather Care Wipes around the house on furniture, shoes, handbags, and more.

Interior Cleanerleather-care-lineup-interior-cleaner
Gaining clear access to the pores of the leather is vital to success and nothing clears the way like Interior Cleaner. Our Interior Cleaner has no conditioning properties. As a straight cleaner it’s especially effective on heavily soiled leather. Look at it as a prep type of product to be followed-up with a leather-specific liquid of your choosing. Interior Cleaner is also good for stain and spot removal.

As with most car care, proper application of the product can have a great impact on its effectiveness. Micro Fiber Cleaning Pads provide the best balance of cleaning power and conditioning capability. Our Blue Detail Sponge is best for conditioning a clean surface. Any one of our micro fiber cloths are good for conditioning as well as light cleaning. A 3″ Yellow Scrub Pad is adept at cleaning but should be followed up by a micro fiber cloth or detail sponge for the conditioning side of the equation.

No matter the condition of your leather, from factory fresh to barn-find, we have a product that will give it the care it needs…

Have fun in your garage!



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  1. How often should I apply the leather care spray to my steering wheel and shift knob since the spray version does not have any protecting ability?

    Thank you for the article.

    • I would recommend application on a weekly or every other week basis with Leather Care Spray on those surfaces. Consistent application will prevent them from drying out and a light buff afterwards with a dry micro fiber towel will remove any slickness.~john

      • Thanks for the reply. Would you recommend the same for Vinyl and Rubber Dressing as well? Or should that be applied to the dash, seats and door panels on a monthly basis since it is a protectant?

        • You are correct, monthly application is best for Vinyl and Rubber Dressing since it is used on less “high traffic” areas. Surfaces like steering wheels, shift knobs, seats, arm rests, etc experience more wear and tear and therefore will benefit from more frequent dressing applications compared to surfaces like dash and door panels that don’t see as much wear and/or contact. ~john

  2. Michael Skinner says:

    Do any of your leather cleaning and care products contain petroleum distillates? I’ve read that these additives may prematurely age or harm leather.

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