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Porsche Guys’ Night in the Man Cave


There’s something about cars that turns total strangers into friends in mere minutes. When a Porsche guru from Portland asked Richard Griot to join he and a bunch of buddies for dinner recently, Richard’s reply was, “Maybe you should all come over and hang out in my garage instead.” How could any red-blooded car guy refuse?

So, on a cold December evening, 20+ Porsche lovers and all-around car guys arrived at Richard’s garage for an evening of fun. Most of them were long-time customers. One came from Los Angeles and said he had been getting the Griot’s Handbook for over 12 years!

In the garage, a feast of German machinery awaited their arrival. A 1984 962C Porsche werks car, the Kremer Brothers 935 twin turbo, a metallic orange 1988 930 Turbo, and a new Cayenne GTS (on which anyone could practice with the Griot’s Garage machine orbital polish and wax system).


1978 911 SC (foreground) and a 1988 930 Turbo


1988 930 Turbo in vivid metallic orange.


Kremer Brothers 935 Twin Turbo (foreground).


Porsche Cayenne GTS for car care practice.

In the driveway more cool machinery was parked, including a paint-to-sample 1978 SC in metallic lime green, a black Carrera GT, an electric orange Golf GTI, a green GT3RS that was the Porsche press car at the GT3RS launch (and a past Griot’s Garage cover car), Richard’s 1970 Suburban, and a silver Italian beauty 550 Maranello.


2007 GT3 RS (Griot's Garage Handbook 283 cover car)

Downstairs in Richard’s “Man Cave” the movie Grand Prix played while guys enjoyed a full bar, custom poker table and Griot’s Garage red pool table. The “track” lighting above was adorned with a real slot car circuit. The sunset was amazing, only to be outshone by the sparkling cars. A delicious dinner was served along with a nice variety of wines the guests had brought with them. Desert was German chocolate cake of course.


Entrance to Richard Griot's "Man Cave" with a vintage McQueen poster.


Poker table ready for action in the Cave.


Griot's Garage red pool table with overhead "track lighting".


Track Lighting detail.

A great time was had by all… and everyone was convinced this was a much better way to spend the evening among friends than at a restaurant!


  1. Is this at the new building? Looks great!

  2. Jennifer says:

    Wow that looks great! I am really loving that track lighting, it’s very creative!

  3. Very cool. Is the SC the project Porsche Richard recently had in the garage on the last Ferrari group visit? Very beautiful!

  4. I was lucky enough to go see this awesome use of space first hand and even though it is a dream garage and man-cave, the one thing that struck me was the comfort level. Through the whole space, you just feel comfortable. Near the lifts in the garage, or in the cave, all the space creates a cool, crisp comfortable very relaxing atmosphere. Kudos Richard on a project well executed!

  5. Amar Ramakrishnan says:

    Talk about taking customer service to the next level….

  6. Pat Knoll says:

    I just got a Porsche Cayenne S and I love it. What wax do you recommend I buy. Also what product to you recommend for the stainless steel around the windows. My Porsche is a 2004 in mint condition with 30,000 miles. Thank You, Pat Knoll

    • Pat,

      Congrats on the new Cayenne S! I’ve had the pleasure of driving one on a couple different occasions and can see why you love it. Great cars.

      As far as paint and trim care go, I recommend our Paint Sealant for both surfaces.

      On SUVs I tend to prefer the sealant over our Best of Show Wax because of the longer lasting protection it provides. You still get an excellent finish, but you’ll only need to apply 1-2 times per year vs. 3-4. A big time saver on larger vehicles.

      As far as the trim goes, I believe Porsche uses anodized aluminum around the windows. Paint Sealant is great for protecting this surface as well. I don’t recommend polishing it at all, so go directly from clay to Paint Sealant. And do this soon! Once you get water spots and imperfections into anodized aluminum there isn’t an easy fix.

  7. Mike Dworek says:


    Being a Porsche nut, I’d have to say you have the coolest Man Cave.

    When are you going to let Arnie sell me that tool box coffee table you have at your Plainfield warehouse???


    • Just starting to look for ideas for garage (man-cave) furniture. Any photos of the “tool box coffee table” or other intriguing pieces?

      • Richard says:

        Where do you live in the country? Our new facility is going to be ready soon and we’ll have all sorts of cool ideas for your garage…

        • Wisconsin! Saw something close to Indianapolis, and that might be a roadtrip over the summer. Do you have any kind of a gallery online? Thanks for your help!

  8. Antonio says:

    Great work, love the details, where can i get that “track lighting”

  9. Antonio-
    The “track lighting” was custom made using a slot car track and the cutting holes for the lights and an existing light hanging system. The cars are glued on to the track.

  10. Richard,
    I always look forward to getting my catalog! On a bit off topic, in the slight chance the current owner of the 930 would be willing to take any offers, I’d would love to pass my contact info.
    All the best!

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