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Porsches 2 Oxford 2011: A Casual Porsche Party

Who would guess that Oxford, Ohio (home to Miami University and a bucolic downtown setting, complete with brick streets), might become the summer “must drive” destination for all cars Porsche? With the Mid-Ohio Region PCA’s “P2O” event, Oxford has become just that. Over 500 cars registered this year, drawing attendees from as far as Canada, Wisconsin, and South Carolina.

Billed as “A Casual Porsche Party,” Porsches 2 Oxford drew models from every generation of Stuttgart’s finest, with owners who were delighted to share everything about their particular pride and joy.

Organization is the key for an event like this, and MORPCA was firing on all cylinders. Despite the large number of event cars (and even more spectators) converging on the small town, arrival and parking was a breeze.

Porsches on the bricks of downtown Oxford.

Porsche cars as far as the eye can see!

This was the third year for the American Cancer Society to be the charity of choice with an appropriate $11,009.11 raised this year alone.

Let's talk low-end torque!

Porsches old and new.

It was my privilege to choose the “Griot’s Garage Favorite Car” at P2O. This was not an easy task at an event where there were so many worthy contenders! This year, the award went to Bud Theobald of Louisville, Kentucky and his 1970 911E, #9110200813. This car was US-delivered with options including Light Metal Wheels, Antenna Left, w/Loudspeaker and Noise Suppression, and Tinted Glass All Around. Bud bought his Albert Blue/18 coupe just a year ago as his very first Porsche, and already logged 15,000 miles. When asked, “so this is your daily driver?”… he proudly responded, “No, I drive it for fun everywhere. I just got back from a trip to North Carolina!” (In the heat of July without A/C, no less). We applaud Bud for his driver’s attitude, his obviously well cared-for 41-year old treasure, and as a welcome to the Porsche family, his well-deserved “Griot’s Favorite P2O Brick.”

Bud Theobald and his 1970 911E.

1966 910 race car.

910 interior.

Porsches on the bricks.

Go & show!

More go & show!

No posing here... it's Best of Show Wax or nothing!

Porsche driving pride!

One of the most unique and compelling cars at the 2011 P2O was Steve & Elayne Gunder’s 1953 365 S “Bent Window” Coupe. This Reutter-bodied car was delivered new to Max Hoffman in New York City on June 5, 1953, as one of 550 USA deluxe models featuring a combination leather and cloth interior. It was finished in Fish Silver Grey with Azure Blue trim, Light Gray leather, and Blue Bedford cord interior with Medium Blue carpets.

It develops 74 horsepower from a 1,500cc four-cylinder mated to a synchromesh transmission (the first year Porsche productions cars were equipped with this new technology). Performance specifications included a top speed of 114 mph and 12.2 seconds for 0-60.

The Gunder’s amazing car has taken numerous awards at Amelia Island, the Glenmoor Gathering of Significant Automobiles, 356 Registry East Coast Holiday and Keeneland Concours d’Elegance, to name just a few.

1953 356 S Coupe

365 S Coupe, detail.

Visit to get details for the 2012 Porsches 2 Oxford… you don’t want to miss it!

Have fun in your garage!



  1. The Fish Silver Gray on that ’53 is beautiful! Silver has never looked as good as it does on Porsches from the 50s.

    • Agreed. Silver can be very ho-hum in my opinion, but not so on the beautiful shape of 1950s Porsches.

  2. The Junior Diesel gets my vote! I’ve always wanted one… Great pics!

  3. I love the interior of the 910 racer. Just the basics.

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