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Porsches 2 Oxford Preview: It’s a casual Porsche party!


Griot’s Garage is excited to be involved with Porsches 2 Oxford, taking place July 25. “A casual Porsche party”, this event gives attendees the opportunity to hang out in a great uptown area with like-minded enthusiasts. P2O is a “can’t-miss” for Porsche lovers. In My Garage spoke with key player Brice Kadel about what makes the event special.

Brice Kadel (center) with Jason Mathews and Richard Griot. Photo: Chris Rieman

Brice Kadel (center) with Jason Mathews and Richard Griot. Photo: Chris Rieman

IMG: Brice, describe for us the idea behind Porsches 2 Oxford.

BK: P2O was started seven years ago as Porsches 2 Pinckney (Michigan) by Bill and Marylynn Roe, as an excuse for a group of Porsche lovers to get together. When we moved the event to Oxford (after the only restaurant in Pinckney closed), we decided we had the opportunity to make it a regional, if not national, event.

IMG: When did you get involved?

BK: The second year of the event, Bill Roe asked me to help. Since then, I’ve been involved – much more so since the move to Oxford five years ago. At the time, we wanted to take the event to the “next” level.

IMG: Do you support a charity through your efforts at this show?

BK: Over the years, P2O attendees have supported the Blue Star Mothers group and the Oxford Family Resource Center. Last year and again this year, P2O attendees are raising money for the American Cancer Society. Three years ago, Marylynn lost her valiant battle with cancer, so supporting the ACS now seems like a very worthwhile thing to do.

IMG: What is the best part of P2o?

BK: I’m not sure if there is just one “best part”. For most people, it’s the casual atmosphere. For others, its the quaint, uptown Oxford, Ohio location (as there are plenty of restaurants and watering holes for every taste and budget). For many, it’s the opportunity to see old friends while making new ones.

porsches-to-oxford_1 porsches-to-oxford_2

IMG: What can we expect from this year’s show?

BK: This year we are hoping to attract upwards of 500 Porsches. Last year we had 396 cars, from more than 20 states and Canada. We will be awarding more than 60 “People’s Choice” car show awards, as well as more than $6,000 in great door prizes.

Additionally, we are hoping to raise more than $7,500 for the American Cancer Society. We pre-sold 40 prime parking spaces for $100 each, with the proceeds going to the ACS. We are also giving them $5 from each entry, as well as the proceeds from our 50/50 drawing. It’s important to note that we aren’t just passing on money from the sponsors. Rather, the funds being donated come directly from the generous folks who attend P2O.

IMG: Are all Porsches welcome to attend?

BK: All Porsches are indeed welcome. In fact, you don’t even have to be a PCA member to attend. Last year we even had a Porsche tractor!

IMG: Is there a cost for spectators?

BK: No, spectators are free. For those bringing a Porsche, the cost is $25 per car, with $5 of that fee going directly to the American Cancer Society.

porsches-to-oxford_3 porsches-to-oxford_4

IMG: Why would a non Porsche owner want to attend?

BK: It’s a great car event. If a person has any interest in cars, they will enjoy Saturday, July 25th in Oxford, Ohio.

IMG: We heard you have a pretty cool Boxster socked away somewhere. Tell us about your car!

BK: It’s a 2005 Speed Yellow Boxster S that has a great set of Forgeline wheels. After owning Porsches that were more than 25 years old, it’s kinda nice to have a car with modern creature comforts.

IMG: Describe P2O for us in one word.


Porsches 2 Oxford Website



  1. Marty Reich says:

    P2O is one of the best car events I have attended. Thanks to sponsors like Griots and Porsches of the Villages.

  2. All the year goes by and I still wait on the edge of my seat for P2O. It’s one of my favorite shows all year and I dont even own a Porsche! I’m looking forward to seeing everyone again and meeting new folks and just hanging out with some of the coolest owners around!

  3. You’ll have to post up pictures from the event this weekend for all of us that can’t make it!

  4. we will post pictures shortly after the event next Saturday 7/25.

    However, in the meantime, you can see pics of the past few years on our website at:

    brice kadel

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