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Porsches Storm The Gates At Caffeine & Gasoline®

“The car is a two-tone for a reason… it was on the lift, I wedged a 4×4 under it to balance the chassis and the thing almost fell off.” … “I pulled it out of a barn and worked on it for three weeks straight to get it running.” … “Is that supercharged?” These are a small sample of the conversation starters we overheard at the June 2 Caffeine & Gasoline®.

The stories from Caffeine & Gasoline are as important as the cars. We love both, and that sense of community is why we open the doors every month. The June event had a particularly righteous vibe. The sun was out, and so were the car enthusiasts… the latter to the tune of 60 dozen donuts eaten… that’s 720 donuts… and we cut them in half!

As far as cars go, the Porsche crowd showed up in record-setting numbers. The Stuttgart-based automaker was the theme of this month’s C&G and themes are pretty loose at these events. Rarely do the featured marques show up in force… meet the exception to the rule. Ferdinand’s masterworks dominated the landscape, the most attendance by a themed car we have ever seen. Porsches were everywhere, and they kept rolling in all morning. As usual there was a nice mix of vehicles on hand. Domestic, Japanese, or European… old or new… daily driver, project car, or concours restoration… everyone could find something drool-worthy lurking in the parking lot.

The car show season really picks up in June and we’re jumpstarting the season with a full schedule of events. Our Friday Night Cruise-In (6/15) and Audi Expo (6/23) headline a month stuffed with car shows and tech sessions so check the events page on our website here and make plans to come have fun in our garage. In the meantime, take a look at our photo gallery on Flickr.


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