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Video: RC Cars As Tow Rigs? … Say What?

Buzzy RC engines are one of the few motors to generate less torque than a Honda Civic… well maybe not. We came across this otherworldly video where a herd of 15 1:10 scale Tamiya Hilux Bruiser 4WD RC trucks are each hitched up to a real Toyota Hilux and then proceed to pull the big truck out of a warehouse. This is must-see TV.

Shockingly, this is a throwback as the Japanese RC model car maker has been here and done this before. The company pulled off a similar PR stunt in the 1980s. Back in the day 14 RC cars were needed to tow the Hilux but in defense of Tamiya the classic ’80s Toyota truck was considerably lighter than today’s version. As we understand it, the model trucks are mechanically stock with the only addition being 500 grams of ballast to aid in traction. We present the current and flashback videos for your bewilderment.

Have fun in your garage!

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