Redline Coffee: Fuel for Gearheads


Roasted beans are big business, and it seems like a new coffee is born every day. In fact, sifting through the infinite combinations of brands, blends, and roasts (not to mention clever packaging and marketing) can be intimidating.

But a coffee for car guys? Ok, I’ll bite. Err… sip.

A quick look through the Redline website makes it clear these guys are passionate about motorsports and coffee. When you think about it, the two go hand-in-hand. After all, when we’re not driving our cars we’re often standing around waiting to drive, many times with a hot cuppa joe in hand!redline2

Redline goes to great lengths to provide a fresh and quality roast. The beans are hand-selected, and each order is roasted fresh by a Master with over 15 years experience. They’ve got an innovative “coffee club” model that allows you to receive fresh coffee at your home automatically once a month. Alrighty then, but how does it taste?

Just one guy’s opinion here, but I was very impressed by the fresh taste and full flavor of the sample we received here at IMGHQ, obviously the result of quality ingredients and experienced roasting.

I think Redline’s scored a victory. If you love coffee, think about taking it for a test drive!

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