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Supercars Pave The Way At April Caffeine & Gasoline®

Car shows and weather are dramatically opposing forces and they were on a collision course at our April Caffeine & Gasoline event. In what may well have been the biggest downpour in Caffeine & Gasoline® history, we were astonished to see so many people fight Mother Nature and swing by the store.

We probably should have requisitioned underwater camera gear to cover the event as the elements played a cruel trick on us. Soldiering through the cars, we were in the back corner of the parking lot… as far away from a door as possible… when the big deluge hit. We walked faster but slow enough to keep shooting… as the pace of the rain picked up so did the pace of our stride. We soon abandoned the photography and took a “run for your life” approach. Five or six strides from salvation, an overhang, it started hailing on us… By the time we left the sun was out… it took the rest of the weekend for our clothes to dry out.

These people were crazy… and soggy. Do these contraptions come with scuba gear as an option?

We were happy to see so many cars still in the lot… we later realized the rain had “trapped” everyone inside… but still the joint was jumping. Prospects are looking up… both on the weather front and events calendar. Join us this Saturday, April 22, 10 a.m. to 2p.m. for an all-new event that caters to adventuresome outdoorsy types… and their vehicles. Attendance is free and those bold enough to swing by our Flagship Retail Store will see some crazy tricked out UTVs, side by sides, dirt bikes, as well as lifted trucks, 4x4s, and extreme camper/expedition vehicles. Of course, Caffeine & Gasoline will be in full swing on May 5th and we hope to see you here.

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