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Tech: Rinseless & Waterless Washing Options & Techniques

Having fun in your garage is more enjoyable when you’re making the most out of the time you spend with your car. Washing is a critical step in car care and we have harnessed the latest chemistry to develop low- and no-water methods of car washing that deliver a safe, effective, and fast wash.

Benefits Of Rinseless & Waterless Washing

These products are a great way to go because they all enable washing in the comfort of your garage. If you have a garage, this allows you to wash your car in cold and inclement weather… or whenever the need arises. These methods also increase convenience and efficiency with minimal setup because everything is at your fingertips. Going waterless or rinseless enables those who live in condos, apartments, etc. to wash their vehicles without going anywhere so they avoid spending money at DIY wash bays, automated car washes, or other wash services. Save money and your finish by doing it yourself. Low- or no-water wash products also increase compliancy in water restricted communities. With any of these systems, the most water you are using is five gallons and that number can be cut in half or less with frequent maintenance. If your vehicle becomes too dirty then it is safest to wash it using a method that rinses as much dirt and grime from the surface as possible prior to it being washed. Sometimes this can be difficult to determine. However, if a vehicle has large contaminants like heavy dirt, sand, tree needles, mud, etc. built-up in areas like the fenders and rocker panels, that is usually a good indicator it needs to be rinsed and could benefit from a more traditional hose-and-bucket wash.

Product Breakdown

Spray-On Car Wash is quick and effective. Specifically on light to moderate buildup like what you would see after driving from three to seven days. Of course, the duration depends mostly on the time of year and the climate you’re driving in. When used carefully, this method is very safe but should not be used on heavy dirt or buildup. Spray-On Car Wash contains carnauba wax and will leave behind increased gloss and enhanced water beading.Rinseless Wash & Wax is also very efficient and offers more versatility than most products of its kind. When diluted in a bucket at 320:1 (water:concentrate) Rinseless Wash & Wax will safely handle heavier build-up than Spray-On Car Wash and other waterless methods. Pre-soaking heavily soiled surfaces with the 15:1 dilution in the dilution spray bottle will increase safety and effectiveness. When washing, the additional water used in this process helps to flush the surface more effectively than a standard waterless wash method.

Diluted Rinseless Wash & Wax at a 15:1 ratio offers several other uses and benefits. It can be used on light dirt as a waterless wash/quick detailer. It also works well as a clay/surface prep lubricant when decontaminating a surface. My personal favorite is using the diluted solution as a drying or rinse aid. Following a traditional wash, after rinsing the soap off of the surface, simply spray the 15:1 dilution over every exterior surface. Work in sections, re-rinsing each section following a short dwell time (30 to 60 seconds max is all that’s needed). As you rinse the surface you will immediately notice the water flying off. This increases hydrophobicity and protection with very little time and effort… a win-win in anybody’s book. No matter how our innovative Rinseless Wash & Wax is used, it will increase wax/sealant/coating durability, water beading/hydrophobicity, self-cleaning ability, gloss, and your paint’s appearance.

Speed Shine®, Best of Show® Detailer and spray waxes. The use of our Speed Shine®  and Best of Show® Detailer quick detailers and convenient spray waxes in between major washings or waxings will improve the effectiveness of the above-listed methods while increasing protection and durability.

Technique Is King

Using these rinseless and waterless washing products correctly is the key to their success. When using any waterless wash or quick detailing product we recommend the two-towel technique. One towel for removing dirt and the majority of the liquid and a second for buffing the surface completely dry. Long-nap microfiber towels like our Microfiber Speed Shine® Cloths or Microfiber Spray-On Car Wash Cloths are great for the initial wipe and PFM® towels like our 16″x16″ terry-weave towels or 16″x9″ detailing towels are best for drying. This combo will drastically increase speed and effectiveness. Be sure to spray the face of your first wipe towel with whatever product you are using for better safety and improved performance. PFM® towels can be used for both purposes if you prefer. We recommend the 16″x16″ towels for Spray-On Car Wash and Rinseless Wash & Wax and 16″x9″ detailing towels for quick detailers and spray waxes.

With any of these methods, as well as traditional washing, whenever you are wiping a dirty surface always use straight line passes in one direction. To avoid scratching do not wipe back and forth until all the dirt has been removed from the surface. It is also important to avoid using pressure. It normally isn’t necessary and will increase the risk of scratching. When drying it is okay to wipe back and forth since the surface is clean.

Check and flip/rotate your towel or mitt/pad frequently. Be diligent about checking the surface of your towel or wash tool. Heavy build-up will be more likely to scratch so flip your towel frequently and when it becomes too dirty swap to a new one or, if the product you’re using allows, go back to your bucket and rinse it clean.

As with normal washing always start at the top and work your way down to the lower panels. Save the belt line down for the very last step. When working on the sides and lower portions of the vehicle wipe from back to front and pay special attention to the areas behind the wheels which are normally heavily soiled.

Using more towels will increase safety and efficiency. Trying to do a whole car with one towel will likely leave behind lots of scratches and waste a lot of time compared to using multiple towels… especially on larger vehicles.

Frequent maintenance is key to making these rinseless and waterless products easier to use while producing superior results. Consistent use of the products and methods listed here benefits both you and your car by increasing safety, performance, and effectiveness while saving time and energy. Make every detail count.

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