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Tech: Using Black Shine™ Trim Restorer

Automotive trim is a grab bag. It can be made from metal, plastic, or rubber. Beyond the materials involved, the density and composition of the trim can make detailing a real challenge. Rubber trim can be found in the form of super soft weather stripping, malleable window gasket trim, and rigid window surround trim.

We will be focusing on the hard rubber window surround and window gasket trim on a 1989 Nissan Skyline GT-R. We had to remind ourselves that Black Shine™ Trim Restorer is not a cleaner. To be successfully dressed, the trim must be clean. We got the ball rolling with Rubber Prep. We started with a Blue Detail Sponge and moved to more aggressive applicators as the 28 years of street grunge build-up proved quite stubborn on the C-pillar window surround. It had a gummy, adhesive feel.

After trying an Ergo Wave Foam Scrubber and 3″ Yellow Scrubbing Pad, we taped off the paint around the window and used some steel wool to break the grime’s will. We gently rubbed the trim with a small sampling of steel wool and once we saw progress we went back to the Ergo Wave and Rubber Prep which finished the job. The window gasket had none of the grime, or the accompanying stubbornness, and came clean with a Blue Detail Sponge.

With a clean slate, the trim was ready for the dressing and restoration phase. Black Shine Trim Restorer is high tech. Its special formula of locking polymers rediscover that OEM finish that we thought was lost forever. Black Shine Trim Restorer stands up to rain and washes and its long-lasting demeanor means less applications. It should also be noted that this product works on any color trim and can be used on hard plastic, rubber and vinyl bumpers, and all manner of non-metal trim pieces as long as they aren’t painted or glossy hard plastics.

We forgot Black Shine Trim Restorer includes a convenient applicator pad. We applied some to the tip of the applicator and used the dome cap to spread the product. We saw an immediate change in the trim’s appearance. The softer window trim was good to go with one application. The harder plastic took more work to attain the desired results. Black Shine Trim Restorer delivers a satin finish but you can add more gloss by adding more coats. We went with two coats and are happy with the results.

Before                                                                        After

All cars have their detailing challenges. The main issue with the 25-year importation rule is that all the cars you can import are 25 years old and many are in need of some next level finish restoration and detailing. Further, the rarity of some trim parts and knick knacks on these cars makes keeping the original trim tidy critically important.

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