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The 2009 BMW M-Car Day in Photos


August 23, enthusiasts of BMW’s most exciting road cars gathered at the Griot’s Garage shop for a celebration of all things M. 138 cars were in attendance, both old and new. It was a day of great food, friends, and family fun. Enjoy our photos, and drop a link in the comments if you’ve got some of your own!


Rows of E36 M3s sit outside the Griot's Garage HQ


Nicely set-up E46 M3 complete with color matched interior and BBS LM wheels


A group of enthusiasts learn more about the Z4 M Coupe


Details of the M6 tail light


The newcomers... E90 and E92 M3s


Old skool... E24 M6s with their hoods up the right way


Carbon fiber accessories on the front end of an E92 M3


Pure... 2002tii


E36 M3 profile


Where it all began... the M1


The rear quarter of the M1


Color-matched M1 interior


M owners look on as they learn the proper techniques to care for their M cars


Vroom! Dinan exhaust


The proper way to learn your colors


  1. Great photos! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I was there! Great show, I love these pictures.

  3. Amazing! wish I could have been there!

  4. The BMW club is a class act. It’s nice to see the high quality hardware.

  5. The OG M6s…drool…

  6. The 2002Tii- that was my 1st car- LOVED IT so much- looked JUST like the one pictured- wish I wasnt a wild teenager that ran it into the ground………… Cracked the block & it went away………… 🙁 Still the love of my life though.

  7. After viewing all of this makes me wonder when will you guys open up a location in Northern California. I’d definitely bring my kid to the show.

  8. Besides the 3.0 CSI (my favorite) the 635 or M6 is still the most handsome car BMW built. Wish I was there in my 635 which only gets Griot’s

  9. So looking forward to the grand opening of the new store and the 2010 M day. We are working to become a Griot’s Distributor as we use your products on all of the cars that come through our North Idaho detail shop. Our customers love the product. My partners and I will be at both of these upcoming events with our own M cars!

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