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Towel Tech – GSM: A Weighty Proposition

As our PFM® line of towels have surged in popularity, we have been referring to their GSM in our Handbook and on our website. So it’s time to explain the meaning and importance of GSM.

GSM or Grams per Square Meter is the metric measurement of the weight of a fabric. As the name would indicate, we’re talking about the weight in grams of a square meter of fabric. As it relates to our towels weight begets thickness. While thicker towels are definitely better, the weave of the towel in question is also key to its performance. Long loop terry weaves, like those found in Griot’s Garage PFM offerings, provide a great deal of surface area on a fiber-to-fiber level.

Long Loop Weaves

In the case of our drying towels, a big GSM and long loop weaves deliver incredible absorption capacity. In our detailing towels, the fibers not only hold liquid product but lift dust and dirt up and pull it away from the surface you’re detailing.

Dual Weaves

These are 2-in-1 towels where each side is designed for a different duty. Some featuring a weave with fibers that are bound and laid down as in our glass cleaning towels, or have shorter loops as found in our wax removal towels which are better at providing a streak-free buff. Beyond the stitching, some dual weave towels are made with different GSMs on each side.

Car care perfectionists love their towels and know a quality linen at the first touch. Rest assured our PFM lineup makes the right first impression and they’re built to provide years of drag-and-dry, wipe-and-buff performance. Check out all our drying accessories here.




  1. Roger DeBlock says:

    Good write-up; very absorbing.

  2. Great article, however, I would have liked somewhere mixed into the details a “how to” regarding care for microfiber towels. i.e. cold water washing with Woolite wash, or Griot’s own additionally.
    Thank you.

  3. Dieter Gilkey says:

    When drying the towels should you/ can you use dryer sheets?

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