Video: BOSS™ Finishing Papers

BOSS™ Finishing Papers are designed for the absolute toughest, most severe above and below surface paint defects. It removes defects like dirt nibs, dust, insects, paint texture, runs, and sags following paint refinishing. It can also be used for removal of severe defects prior to paint correction on OEM finishes.

The precision-formed silicon carbide abrasives used in Griot’s Garage BOSS Finishing Papers have been developed by Nikken, a global leader in abrasive manufacturing, to be sharper and more consistent in size than those found on regular sandpaper. This ensures shallow sanding marks which are quickly removed via polishing, saving time and effort while also minimizing the amount of paint thickness loss. This ain’t your grandfather’s sandpaper, it’s a high-tech solution to the toughest defects. Check out our video and see how it works.

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