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Video: THE BOSS™ LED Swirl-Finder Light

Paint evaluation is a critical, yet often overlooked, step in paint care. It tells you how much correction you need at the start of the process and allows you to track your progress as you perfect your paint. This handy light puts a spotlight on every swirl and serves as a great glove box companion.

In the old days, detailers had to evaluate paint surfaces via natural or fluorescent light. Each light source illuminated defects differently, so what seemed to be a perfect finish in the garage was potentially a swirled nightmare when brought into the sunlight. THE BOSS™ LED Swirl-Finder Light features two light sources. The larger array generates 320 lumens and is temperature rated at 5000K to illuminate a wider spectrum of the body panel. The 120-lumen, 6000K adjustable LED tip light can concentrate the beam from 10° to 60° to reveal finer surface defects. Watch the video and see how to use this light and experience better results as you perfect your ride’s paint.

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