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Video: Cadillac of Creepers

One of our legacy products, the Cadillac of Creepers has nine generations of evolutionary advancement under its wheels. If you are like us and appreciate those lowdown and dirty jobs like oil and filter changes, greasing, suspension adjustments, and brake inspections, you’ll understand the importance of a plush-padded creeper. Meet the best.

We have outfitted the Cadillac of Creepers with a cushy foam padding system that runs the length of its body. The creeper features an ultra-low-profile powder-coated frame and six heavy-duty polyurethane casters so you’ll glide easily over any surface. It even features a convenient headrest mechanism which allows you to adjust the headrest angle while you’re lying on the creeper. Check out the video and learn more about the most luxurious creeper ever.

Have fun in your garage!


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