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Video: Glass Cleaning Clay

Clean glass takes more than a cheap glass cleaner and a sheet of the Sunday comics. Using quality cleaners and high-tech microfiber is the way to go. But truly clean glass takes more. Road film, oil, tar, grease, water spots, and more bonds to glass and are difficult to remove. Use our Glass Cleaning Clay to break their grip.

Much like how our paint clay removes embedded contaminants from paint our glass clay goes beyond the surface to deep clean glass. Windshields and especially the rear window on trucks and SUVs are exposed to harsh conditions. Run your fingers over the glass. If it doesn’t feel as slick as ice, it needs claying. Glass Cleaning Clay is the perfect glass prep before polishing. Speed Shine® is the proper lubricant to use with clay along with our PFM® Detailing Towels to buff the surface dry. See how it works and the proper way to apply Glass Cleaning Clay.

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