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Video: Long-Lasting Tire Dressing

Take proper care of your expensive tires and enjoy a finish that lasts and lasts in the toughest of driving conditions. It creates a black, satin finish for a natural rubber look or you can dial in more gloss if that’s how you want to roll. Get some tips and tricks on proper tire care.

Long-Lasting Tire Dressing produces no greasy, oily, slimy mess that flies off your tires onto your wheels and paint. This dressing stays put. The fluid is thick and easy to apply using our Blue Detail Sponges or Dressing Applicator. This way, you eliminate overspray, drips, and marks on your driveway or garage. Long-Lasting Tire Dressing is also great for dressing rubber bumpers and black plastic trim. Use it on plastic and rubber engine parts, too!

Have fun in your garage!

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  1. My son used this on the tires of his 2016 F-150 Lariat. I am impressed!

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