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Visiting The Lamborghini Factory

Ferruccio Lamborghini started as a tractor manufacturer. When success afforded him his first Ferrari, he was disappointed with the car and addressed his concerns with Enzo. He was told (as the story goes), “What do you know about sports cars? You’re a tractor maker!” With that, Ferruccio made the half-hour drive home and determined to do better than Ferrari.

I recently had the chance to visit Lamborghini’s factory, in the little town of Sant’Agata Bolognese, about 30 minutes north of Bologna. Arriving at Lamborghini, the first thing one notices is how small the factory is. They produce only about 3 cars a day, which gives an understanding of why these dream machines are so expensive.

Parked in the lobby were a Gallardo and Murcielago. Rodrigo Filippani-Ronconi took me through the factory. The artists building the cars were all smiling and everyone turned to greet us. The pace, compared to other factories, was slow and methodical. These are truly hand-built cars. Along the back, they were building the first of the incredible new Aventador LP700-4. The carbon fiber monocoque technology is state of the art, and the car features a V12 engine that will push it to 62mph in 2.9 seconds! Lamborghini does it again.

After the factory, tour I was met by the lovely curator, Cristina Buizzardi, who gave me a private tour of the museum. She walked me through the history of Lamborghini automobiles, from the 350 GT, to the very first Countach, to the beautiful Miura and Miura concept cars. Hanging on the museum wall is a real Murcielago (sans engine), and parked dead-center, the incredible Reventon. The intimate stories about each car and the history of Lamborghini was very special and added to a thrilling morning. There is also a small boutique where you can find many things Lamborghini on which to spend all your money.

Learn more about the Lamborghini Museum here.

To see many more Lamborghini photos, please visit our Flickr page!


  1. Tim Willard says:

    What a great place to visit. The history wall is very cool.

  2. I’ve always loved Lamborghinis. Really digging the engines and the Miura of course. Most beautiful car ever made.

  3. The Aventador; I yearn for the day I get to see, and especially hear one.

    A fantastic name for a most certainly groundbreaking supercar.

    Pushrod operated inboard shocks and a 700 hp V12. Just Incredible.

    I will take mine in Bianco Canopus (matte white)

    Visit for further amazement.

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