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What was your most impulsive automotive purchase?

There are a lot of “car things” I don’t discuss with my wife. Not because I’m hiding anything, but to avoid her eyes glazing-over in boredom. I may need to rethink this approach. Turns out, she would have liked to know beforehand that I was trading in our car.

My little blunder got me thinking… I can’t be the only one who’s ever done this! So tell me, have you ever gone out for milk and come back with a motorcycle?

1970 Pontiac Firebird. The car I've always wanted and now I have it. I rule.

Share your tale of automotive impulse in the comments, and…

Have fun in your garage!


  1. Mine’s not nearly as big, but I’ve definitely fallen for the “such a great deal on eBay I can’t NOT buy it!”

    That would be the ARC air intake which most certainly did not fit in my engine bay, and wound up back on eBay a couple weeks later.

  2. Almost every time I’ve bought a car, it was on impulse. The only mitigating factor is whether the bank’s open (or there’s any money in the account). Probably my most impulsive, though, was a ’67 Cadillac convertible. It was advertised as “not running” and priced pretty cheap. I squirted some starting fluid in the carb, jumped the battery, and she started right up. Tossed the money at the owner and drove away quick before he could change his mind (and before I’d really looked the car over).

  3. My most impulsive automotive purchase was a car stereo. A few years back I went to the Good Guys Tent Sale at South Center Mall. I went there planning to purchase a new cd player and speakers, my budget was $400. I walked out with the deck, the speakers, a new amplifier for the deck, some “sound proofing” in my doors for the speakers, a big install fee since I had them wire in my bass amp and sub, a great “lifetime warranty” for an extra $150 and a credit charge of $1,400+. I was up sold left and right and thought I got the greatest deal. Then at 10:00pm on my way home on I-5, I found out my windows couldn’t roll all the way back up..

  4. It wasn’t a trip to the store for milk, but donating time for a fund raiser at the H-D dealership. I’m not sure how the fund raiser went, but a new geezer glide bagger (FLHTK) somehow followed us home…

  5. Took the wife’s new rav 4 in for it’s first oil change and came home in a Porsche Cayenne S. luckily she was almost as happy as I was.

  6. A friend called to tell me that he saw a Jag Mark II on a lot while driving by and knew that I liked them. That afternoon I decided to go by the lot to see it just for fun. When I saw the car my jaw dropped. I had seen the same car for sale two years earlier and had been heartbroken ever since that I had not bought it at the time. Before I had time to think, I went into the office and offered to buy the car. I drove the Jag home that afternoon with the dealer following me in my “family” car. My wife met me at the door. “Pretty car” she said and went back inside, never blinking an eye at my crazy-ass obsession.

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