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What’s the greatest Chevrolet car or truck ever?

On this day in 1918, General Motors acquired the Chevrolet Motor Company, and positioned the fledgling automaker to create mainstream vehicles to compete with Ford. In the years that followed, Chevrolet produced some of the most iconic cars and trucks ever to grace the roads. Who can’t spot the fins of a ’57 Bel Air from a hundred yards?

Your grandfather beamed with pride when he brought home a ’50 Fleetline from the dealership. You took your first high school road trip in a ’73 Malibu, and later camped with your kids in a K5 Blazer. From workaday farm trucks to the revolutionary Corvette, Chevrolet cars are intertwined with American history, with our personal histories. So we ask you, InMyGarage readers, what is the single greatest Chevrolet vehicle ever?

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  1. 1972 K5 Blazer (orange with white top). The body lines and proportions were spot on with that year and model. Even though I am in the Ford camp, I still have that ’72 on my list of ‘do wants’. In ’73 they squared off the wheel openings and it was not a change for the better (IMHO). Then again I miss my old ’67 Chevelle and really desired a ’72 Chevelle SS 454…you said pick one right? Right….

  2. First to market is rarely the winner but few would dispute that Chevrolet’s Corvette launched the concept of the American Sports Car. Thunderbird tried to redefine the space as a “personal luxury car” regardless that the Corvette was arguably the impetus for the Ford’s creation. Just look where the two are now.
    The Corvette took the concept of an American Sports Car, refined it, dominated with it, struggled with it and yet repeatedly reinvented it to become the recognized icon it is today. No other car from any hemisphere has the single model longevity as this Chevrolet. Universal consumer recognition has to be right up there with the VW Beetle and the Citroën C2V, neither of which is a sports car or, even with the tens of millions made, can match the ‘Vette’s 59 year run. Sure, almost anyone car recognize a 1957 Impala, but even this car is more often referred to as a “’57 Chevy,” with the Impala name also a thing of the past. Almost anyone on the planet can recognize a Corvette regardless of its year. And that recognition comes with a smile of appreciation for its raw macho street presence. Can any other Chevrolet car or truck match that?

    • Was going to write up a longwinded response but instead.
      Yes exactly, the corvette is the greatest chevy ever produced.

  3. Corvette was the greatest and the 1963 Split Window Corvette Coupe was the crown prince of the jewels..

    • I had the pleasure of driving a ’63 coupe on a couple of occassions and what a hoot! The real treat was leading a parade lap around Laguna Seca at the 2006 ALMS. The Corkscrew at 35 MPH is daunting, I can only imagine taking this legendary curve at speed! BTW seeing the center rib in the rear view mirror was never a bother, it just added character to driving this very special car.

  4. My first Chevy truck was a 1950 Chev faded green no brakes well sometimes it had brakes. The old 6cyl had a race cam and it would get hung up every once and a while between 1st and 2nd gear. Fun truck but had to eventually get something practical. Wish I had it back.

  5. Greatest single Chevrolet? The car that wasn’t supposed to be, at least as a Sting Ray (C2). The ’67 Corvette, big block, coupe or convertible – either is fine. The ’63 split window is my second choice but I like the lower gratuitous chrome content level on the ’67. Third would be either the first generation Z/28 or maybe the ’70 Z/28.

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